A dry hunger strike in Moscow ocheretner stopped, the rest told me to go into mortgage slavery

A dry hunger strike in Moscow ocheretner stopped forcibly, and the rest were told to go into mortgage slavery
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Paws up!

Original taken from vasilisa_vasya at Paws up!

This cat named Keyes one morning surprised the host that stood up, lifted her legs up and froze in this position for some time. Well, he took a picture, and almost forgot — but the next day the Case repeated the trick. And now it is repeated with enviable regularity.

Эта кошка все время поднимает лапы вверх, и никто не знает — почему

GON from Mikhalkov

Broadcast from the TV screen and strongly to condemn something that he previously tacitly approved is a sure thing. But all this has now become possible, and fashionable – here and broadcast. Say “shut up” – shut up and switch to something that will become a new topic, which can send curses against unnamed enemies. It is in the instinct of such people like Mikhalkov. Literally like rutting animals. Only this error is not corrected, and does not save Russia.
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The wretched life.

– Gone! – shouted the man, slamming the door.

The woman did not even have time to go into the corridor, yesterday they got in a huge fight. Domestics, her husband came home a little tipsy, though no celebrations are on the horizon and there was no trace. She uttered him a portion of “compliments” and now, when he left for work, she was somehow uncomfortable with the fact that yesterday she snapped. She ran into the room to the window and saw him coming to the old Car, opens it and turns around, facing the window. The wife opens the window:
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The great Russians!

Do you feel great? No? Then you or Western mercenary or a member of the fifth column, or simply loser! If you listen to Russian propaganda, paid bloggers, schizophrenics type Korotchenko (did not want to offend George, just the person have a diagnosis, people without facial expressions), it turns out we all great. We have the best army in the world, the polite and brilliant President, the best the State Duma, and so on and so forth. Since the Soviet Union rhetoric about the power of comrades has not changed at all. In the USSR it was the big, fat, great and powerful. Do not eat the fuck was behind it was nothing, went to the buckets, but it was great. The best explanation from patriotov is always the same: Not all measured jeans and iPhones! There is a great goal, there are spiritual ties, is something more than ham and cheese. And here I want to say the words of the classics: “we have no garage!” Just us common people and not IPhones, we do not go to Mercedes, bought state. account, don’t eat French cheese receptions in the Kremlin and do not rest in Courchevel. We have in addition to greatness no fuck! But the worst part of this fucking, Russia has no future. Simply it is not!

Recently Delyagin, by the way, a friend who is freaking out over Putin, announced the numbers. Officially 60% of people poor and poor. The poor are those who already can not afford to buy the right clothes, and the poor who already can’t even afford basic foods. Unfortunately, greatness is not devalued. Greatness cannot eat and to wear, it will not learn children and do not cure for the elderly. Greatness, like patriotism is a disease, a psychological disease. You’re sitting on the couch, in hruscheby, watching as the plane VKS something there is bombing in Syria, and you raised the CDA, you realize yourself a part of something grandiose, but actually, you’re just a stupid Russian boy that milks the state, showing you the beautiful pictures accompanying them with eloquence Kremlin Fucks. You Russian shit that can’t educate their children is normal, is valued in the world, the ordinary world is not great, you can’t afford a medicine, can not, in fact, no dick because all your salary is only enough for housing and food. Thus, even if you disagree with something, you can’t tell because you look askance at other members of the herd, which inhabits great country. You are a Russian citizen, you’re a great redneck, dumb beggar sheep, for which you have already prepared a black plastic bag.
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Goethe’s Faust is a hymn to anthropocentrism, turning into selfishness (2)

We continue to publish parts of the third report on the Face on the “Faust” of Goethe. And this is the first report directly discussing the work itself and its author. In the first part of the report it was mostly about the common ground and the author of “Faust” and about the society that from which arose this great product. In the second part we will focus the relationship of Goethe and Faust.
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