Public reprimand

Almost two weeks have passed since the closing of our exhibitions in the Ural Federal University. This event caused a public outcry and was widely reflected in the media. I was toldthat condemnation is not enough and what do we see? Central “print” roller drive according to one of the startups scandal. The instigators have made a sort of public censure.
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The history of the ROC. Civil war (1).

Got back yesterday from a small trip to Spain. Full of impressions, but under the pressure of debt started talking about the history of the Church I hasten to return to him. But their impressions will leave for later.

Last week I briefly outlined the major milestones in the destiny of the first after the restoration of the Patriarchate, the Primate of the ROC – SVT. Tikhon. He dropped out to stand at the head of the Church in one of the most dramatic moments of Russian history in the twentieth century. Revolution and Civil war.
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How Russian destroy the World.

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The white stub (2)

Described above the white stub operates today. How can you not see? Only being in this very impasse in which modern society is hard to pull desovietization.

Draw and speak about reconciliation. Talking about reconciliation and you run from the historical truth. But instead all breed and breed myths. Already, that the great works of M. Sholokhov about germination through the tragedy of the Civil war the new Russian project of Soviet Russia, turns into a story about how it happened that all collapsed, and brother turned on brother. So announced once again the notorious Dmitry Kiselyov, already Samarasya in promoting historical myths (in the history of Volkovym) output of the series “the Quiet don” – another historical soap pop contemporary Russian cinema.
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Rus throws US into a panic

Original taken from nyka_huldra in “Rus” throws US into a panic

“Everywhere the Russians ass,” say the people, who did not make it through life. “Backward country. Well, nothing a” – pronounce uneducated. “Here “they” there, behind the hill, Yes… But what? All is lost!”, – complain envious. “All looted Yes pilfered. Nothing left,” the other repeated, Yes I glance around, eyeing to grab, Yes to push to the left.
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Literary seminar “Bulgakov and Stalin”

Dear friends! Club “Essence of time” in Yekaterinburg continues the cycle of lectures on Russian classical literature. On Friday 25 September at 19:00 at ul. Engelsa, 16 (“the House of the merchant Osokin”) will hold a literary seminar on “Bulgakov and Stalin: conflicts of relationship of the writer and the leader”. Moderator – Georgy Cheplakov, PhD, cultural anthropologist, art historian.
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Where the homeland starts?

This name and the beginning of the song that probably everyone knows. Who taught or listened to, that remembers that this same phrase and it ends. For each it is something different, unique. Same people there, thank God. Where the city starts? Earlier in the Urals from the factory, with dam. From different parts of the city working people flocked to shift at a factory shop. Later, the industrial enterprises placed on the outskirts of the city and the historic centre, tended to become a place for townspeople.
In place of a mass congestion of people the authorities tried to set the monuments, sculptures in honor of the famous public figures, local figures of science and art. In this regard, the centre has become a magnet for meanings, and it is important that it will be located. In the Central square of our city the monument to Lenin. The leader of the world proletariat, the leader of the great October socialist revolution, managed to put together going to pieces the Russian Republic – the heir to the Russian Empire and child February bourgeois revolution.

And there was also a monument to the order of Lenin, red banner group. But 20 years after the destruction of the Soviets, in 2013, was destroyed and AlMg. This is understandable, in a country where fully gave up the ideas, replacing them with worship of the Golden calf, a reminder of the heroism of Soviet people, about the once mighty industry, was an eyesore. The playwright, a betrayal of the memory of ancestors, hatred compatriots made “strangers among friends” to get rid of the monument.

Instead we see how the city just becomes a sweet dream purchasers. One by one, without tiring, there are shopping malls. When there are no higher meanings of existence, the only thing that remains not to be tired from life, it’s fun. Some would say that shopping centres is convenient. And I would agree. But you will agree that the number of shopping malls in Yekaterinburg prohibitive. Recently opened the new Reichstag building “Passage”.

Become people and people become the consumers. Buildings that could be gyms, arenas, houses of creative development does not produce anything except of endorphins purchasers.
And isn’t that the meaning and the key of the city? So where begins the city is the birthplace of everyone who was born or decided to link their fate with him?

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