Kiev – Cassiopeia North star

Nothing new in the opening of the next political season, no. Yes, it was more dogs in Mariinsky Park, where they stroll together with the national guard. police to prevent destabilization of the domestic situation. Count three shepherds and one Rottweiler. Steel seal manholes blue stripes, on which to parse the number (of yesterday), some kind of acronym and the words “sealed”. Again, all the matter in the inner enemy who does not shrink from anything, including sewage.
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Spring psychosis

A Ghost is haunting the coalition in the Parliament. The speaker Groysman personally seen the Ghost, talked with him in the bathroom and in General was pleased with appearance of this intangible substance. What he, the speaker, and reported flustered, impatient Sucasa legs of the Brussels public. He told me personally, is the capital of the Manneken Pis, to dispel any doubts about Ukraine’s ability to make a decisive step. Point.
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Today, as always, yet another historic day. Yulia Tymoshenko, who on the news of “the Ukrainian truth” is found through “Google-translate” the leader of the faction “Rodina” has reached the age of a teenager. Thanks to Botox she can blink with a frequency of one “clip” per minute. And you have to bounce on the chair, because the body is looking for a back skin and finds a seat. Dramatic rejuvenation of Julia shows her willingness to attack the dastardly Kolega and to tear it napadenye toes.
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Branto ORB: magic Orb to control the house

Smart devices for the home became more, and the novelty device called Branto, can replace a number of different kinds of gadgets. This device was presented at CES, where developers could be interested in his project to numerous visitors.
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Playing under DOS on a modern computer. Covox+Sneskey

Now to play the good old shooting games under DOS does not need anything special, the emulator dosbox c copes well with almost all games. Who needs a sense of authenticity find old computers up to the Pentium3, the main thing here ISA slot which allows you to connect a normal sound card. The leaders here certainly are a sound blaster AWE 32/64. But there is still the option to play on a modern computer, which is not something that ISA no, but rather, and PCI, too. It now and consider.

First of all install DOS 6.22 on usb stick. I’m using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Select at boot the flash drive and voila, most of the games we play without problems. But one big
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A former “hero” is going to blackmail the presidential Administration?

Аптека_2-6 (1)

Alexei Chaly, announced his intention to resign from the post of speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol in the style of a La Boris Yeltsin, on January 11 met with Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin.
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