The most dangerous Olympic sport

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Make your body to do something beyond human capabilities — a constant path to serious injury. Even the Olympics where the best athletes of the planet, conduct our sad statistics. Recently, Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan broke his elbow, trying to take too heavy weight and this is just one of many such cases. Sport, of course, necessary for each person, but not the same price!

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Again about doping

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WADA do not agree with Yulia Latynina)

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The Commission of Richard pound, who led the investigation into the doping scandal in Russian athletics, has not found evidence that the government interfered in the activities of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla).
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The humiliation of Russia capitulated to the IOC

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The country is experiencing the last act of a painful drama: its team of athletes — the great men and the everyday heroes on the way to the Olympics being driven under the yoke.

Allowing, in a number of conditions, Russia’s participation in the Games, the IOC took the worst for us the verdict. According to him, our team loses sovereignty: a decision on the admission of Russian athletes at the mercy of international federations and foreign anti-doping agencies. The team loses people — in its composition will not, as a minimum, athletes who won a third gold of London 2012, as well as those who honestly served his doping suspension. The team loses its prestige — at the opening of the Games it’s going to meet the hooting crowd.
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Pranker revealed anti-Russian plan.

Famous Russian pranker Vovan and Lexus, which have managed to ferret out secrets of famous people, at this time, found out first hand what is really behind the decision to deprive the Olympics in Rio Russian athletes and doping scandal in General.
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“Mutko” – as you the yacht name…

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Read that already 600 thousand for the acceleration of the football team.

But it seems to me, to disperse not only the national team, and prigrevica and snickering the leadership of the Russian sports.
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Russia has fun on behati… In the Urals during the race “ski Track of Russia”, two persons died

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