Mystery arrest Solzhenitsyn

Many writers, who suffered from arrest, prison, exile, left about memories, which, of course, very different not only by circumstances but also by the tone, the emotional coloring.

So Dostoyevsky told of his arrest with an ironic smile: “the Twenty-second or better to say, the twenty-third of April (1849), I returned home an hour in the fourth from Grigorieva, went to bed and immediately fell asleep.
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Scum hit a single point

The Directive on the reduction of troops in combat readiness were given to the troops on June 18!!!

The myth that Stalin slept through the war and the troops were not brought to combat readiness (a significant part osobno on the direction of the main attack, where he commanded a scoundrel Pavlov) because Stalin prevented the scoundrel came up with the beetles.
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A few words about Stalin and his place in the history of Russia

Last year these events occur, that inevitably wants to speak. So I’m a bit parodontol, and you really do not judge strictly. Or judge, but here is out opinion.
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