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MASKI reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Original taken from pomorjanka in the Mask is reset. About “Yeltsin centre” and “new Vlasovs”

Industry reaching design capacity?

“The industry is reaching design capacity, so this year we get six s-400, well, next year, the pace reduce will not” – said the commander in chief of Russian air force Colonel General Viktor Bondarev during the action “contract Service is your choice!”.
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The state Duma is going through, that can “freeze”

“The danger of a new cold war is growing,” reads the statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, prepared on 22 June 2016 Duma Committee on international Affairs, reports “Kommersant” with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Committee Svetlana Jurova.
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On the events in Turkey do not jump to conclusions. Do not smack fever.

NATO has admitted or a warning?

Подбитый Су-24М

Russia opposes the establishment of relations with NATO that leads to such consequences as Turkey downed a Russian plane, was declared by the Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow on Monday, June 13, at the opening of the 11-th international security forum in Geneva, RIA Novosti reported.
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Europe is ready to revolt against the dictates of the United States?

At the head of NATO must stand up to Europe, says Irish journalist John McAuliffe, in his article of 3 March on the website Digital Journal.
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The Orthodox ghetto

All those endless arguments about the Freemasons, their machinations, etc. are intended only for very incompetent people. Or very gullible, but then why they do not trust the Patriarch and the Church? Or greatly predisposed, and striving for simplicity. But it’s not the ease of which I wrote yesterday. The simplicity brings to the soul peace and love. The same simplicity carries Chetverikova from the other senses. It creates a channel for the realization of fear and hatred. And most importantly – this simplicity makes it impossible to act, turning people listening to such simplicity, to the inhabitants of the ghetto.
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Dynasty collectors calls for the Maidan

Original taken from amarok_man in Dynasty collectors calls for the Maidan

Amazingly beautiful townhouse nestled behind the gates in the center of Moscow. All-seeing video cameras and strict security guards, most of them from “former employees”, watching all the movement around the building and a chance to get inside you have no. Of course, if you are not a welcome guest. Or a rich client.
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