Only when a Jew cries, God hears his prayers (saying)

In the temple the people gather. Soon the service begins, and while the congregation stand near the icons ask for something or thank. The smell of candles and incense, mixed with human odor and breath. Perhaps at the pearly gates, something like the smell and the same accumulation of sinners of all stripes, religions and races. I stand in the middle and stare at people wonder what they ask and what are you thankful for?
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Do not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Original taken from rama909 to Not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Original taken from inapal to Not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Surely, everyone of us have little kids in the family — daughters and sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews… And we all have smartphones with constant Internet access and social networks.
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Ukrainization Of Odessa – 1925-26. Chronicle of ethnocide

Original taken from visualhistory in the Ukrainization of Odessa – 1925-26. Chronicle of ethnocide

Note to the right on the header scan is probably the most revealing: “the party ordered everyone to be Ukrainians”.

In modern terminology the policy of Ukrainization qualifies the word “ethnocide”.
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Falling in love is just

Mandy Len Catron

Did you know that you can fall in love with a stranger, just by asking 36 questions? Mandy len Catron put this experiment on myself, fell in love and wrote an article about it that has spread like a virus (your mother probably sent it to you). But… is it a real love? How long it lasted? And what is the difference between falling in love and stay in love?
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“Terrible” court

What that will be, let the fate decide…

Well, fuck you! – I’m trying to turn, but his knees hit the softness of the wall. Well, I told you to burn the fuck out! No, bitches, caulked in this horrible coffin – I swear. Fuck, I never hated petitie and small apartments. In them you are always alone with yourself and with your thoughts about what we need to do the repair. When the area is large, the mess is not as noticeable. Bitch I grasp the sleeve of a jacket on a nail sticking out. And suit, suit, fuck my sneakers! Nits. No, what shirt, what tie? Like parsley, I swear! And shoes too tight… Oh – I sigh…
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