The world social forum 2016: what happens in the alter-globalization?

Recently completed the annual world social forum is the main platform of the global anti-globalization movement. On the pages of the leading electronic media and pages of Newspapers, this event did not get. They are interested in the anti-globalization movement only when attacking the “McDonald’s” or organize riots and clashes with the police. I propose to look into the forum closer to understand, than there lives the modern anti-globalization social protest:
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The recipe is “clean” Olympic games from Guardian


The Guardian newspaper came up withhow to get rid of corruption and other scandals at the Olympic games. Finally a bright mind democratic journalist brought the benefit of mankind!
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Yellowstone. A glass of tea twelve. Last

What threatens the population of the United States (call it the community of different races, religions, and bluish-pink of tolerance with people I did not get). What happened in Turkey and how it relates to manic idea of the author about the suicide bombing of the Yellow stone.

For those who first turned to this series of articles, reported that beginning here:
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Theoretically possible space mega structure

Perhaps the bulk of science fiction for all time of its existence — since the “Flight to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes” by Jules Verne — one way or another operates the Grand products of the scientific-engineering thoughts. With the development progress expanded the boundaries of imagination of scientists and writers, and today in science fiction and fantasy literature already described engineering structures which are in scale and audacity of the plan deserve the term “mega structure”. We decided to collect a kind of the rating of such structures. With some of them you already know, and some will be new.
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7 unsolved mysteries of antiquity


In search of impressions people travel around the world, walking trodden by thousands of tourists trails. They visit popular points, hoping to close in their feelings to understanding what happened there hundreds and thousands of years ago. However, sometimes completely outlandish things waiting for us in fairly ordinary places. Attempts to solve the mystery of the unexpected findings often carry much more than browsing the usual sites, in particular when come to mind explanations of some phenomena did not want to obey the laws of logic. What puzzles left to us by antiquity?
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As the origin of man is reflected in the genes

Recently, a video of The DNA Journey of the Danish company Momondo showed what effect can produce on the people the results of a genetic test to determine the composition of populations. Live people declared that they are not as full-blooded as it seemed to them — and then the emotions, tears and tickets to their historical homeland. Such analysis can be carried out not only in Europe and America. Russian genetic testing, Atlas is able to determine the origin, population structure and the percentage of Neanderthal genes. Behind all these studies is an interesting story, which we now briefly describe.

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