With the knowledge Day!

It was nice today to go outside. Go and meet you dressed children with bouquets of flowers and with undisguised joy on their faces. They are clearly waiting for something. September 1 – the day of great expectations… a Day of knowledge!
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7 unsolved mysteries of antiquity


In search of impressions people travel around the world, walking trodden by thousands of tourists trails. They visit popular points, hoping to close in their feelings to understanding what happened there hundreds and thousands of years ago. However, sometimes completely outlandish things waiting for us in fairly ordinary places. Attempts to solve the mystery of the unexpected findings often carry much more than browsing the usual sites, in particular when come to mind explanations of some phenomena did not want to obey the laws of logic. What puzzles left to us by antiquity?
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For the uninitiated, mother-in-law is such a subject that fathered your wife. Not just begotten, and brought up, taught, and now its derivative, that is, your spouse is the best in the world! So, you’re an asshole and they ain’t worthy. But since the heart wants, the subject generously allows you to be with your daughter, but there are a number of conditions that you must abide by, otherwise… in Short, nothing good will. Generally, at the first meeting, you can just pull like a wild goat, for example, tasty pie or a specialty salad, you will be sure to put food, to pour the tea, and it is possible that stronger, the latter is done in order to understand thumps you or not. You especially will not push. It will be like a conversation with the investigator, you will be asked General questions to ask about a job, a hobby may be questions about politics, without which our society nowhere. But, the goal will of course to get to you, then to detonate it from the inside. So, mother-in-law-the mole who digs, digs and digs, and digs, often blindly.

Be prepared for the fact that in addition to his wife, who knows everything, you get in the appendage a subject which always knows best! Moreover, this subject doesn’t just know, he lived a long life and when you live as long as me, and open your mouth!” Why do you need such a small car? No! You need a big car to seedling lot was placed, and to Spud sacks to carry. Why you money on resorts spend? It is better for a country ride, there and the air is cleaner, and its food, from the garden, and save money. Work should better find! Here my friend, brother-in-law works in a Bank, can you get there? And absolutely don’t give a fuck that you have a technical education, not economic. Mother-in-law said to the Bank, then the Bank, bitch. But with all the good tips you give will be giving strong recommendations, you will be taught as a puppy, but actually to help is a dick. Money for a big car, you don’t borrow, in the country, you would not rest, and will hit, bigger than at work, and in the Bank you will not be satisfied. All by myself, all by myself, because when it starts that you are suddenly out of a worthless jackass, turn into a man and breadwinner, that everyone must decide for himself. But you have not decided, you will still be a worthless jerk daughter of the subject. Here’s a fucking cycle of shit in my family life.
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A complete collection of video tutorials on basic school subjects from grades 1-11

Posnovatelnee! Yay!

Original taken from davydov_index in a comprehensive collection of video tutorials on basic school subjects from grades 1-11

A great way to help your child to learn, to refresh, to remember or to repeat the main topics in any subject with 1 on 11 class. In accessible language and with memorable examples. Crib weight in gold!
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Love the baby boxes on the echo

Thanks SW. mkarev, which resulted in his recent post statements Alexei Venediktov about the baby boxes. Let’s project the situation in the space of “business English”.

Here’s the moment that got me hooked:
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All! Happened, and the mystery of all times and peoples solved. The best minds in the world fought over it for centuries. Scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and other ology went crazy in search of an answer, jumped out of the window, cut his wrists, desperately went on a binge. And now, to answer the eternal mens question: “What the fuck, woman rubs two hours in the bathroom?”, found! To tell you the truth my friends, like all great discoveries, this discovery required many years of relations and relationships that I sacrificed for him their freedom, male ego, worked without sparing himself on the bed stretching from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka. From Egyptian and Turkish resorts to the quiet streets of London and the saturated smell of Haute cuisine, Paris. White, red and black and, with the first size and the sixth, young and old, rich and poor, smart idiots and stupid fools, with long legs and curves, all, all of them still stuck in the bathroom for an hour or two, driving me crazy.

In their naivety at first I, like everyone, believed they all very neat, but outright disgusting, which was made in the apartment of some experimental animals, crossed this version. If a person is neat, he not only namyvaet pisi myself and Sisi, but also cleans, washes the dishes, throwing bras and panties all over the apartment. Another version was the fact that women have such a body structure, solid Swiss landscape, with depressions and bulges. But in some subjects, depression was so so, and convexity were purely nominal, some males who love to eat, Boobs are even bigger. About the breed Moscow discorama and can not speak. And like to pan for nothing, and they are all stuck in the bathroom, all the same hour or two, or longer, surpassing the records by rinsing in water, its more titted and date individuals by the form. There was another option, which even put me down and touched my manhood. A friend caught his girlfriend in the bathroom, for Frank could, he bad satisfied. I, sacrificing himself, decided to experiment. Collected all will in a fist, shot of brandy for courage and drove test subjects around the perimeter of the bed, until, until she, in a literal sense, not crawled to the bathroom. Drove her to the state, and thought that to insert there, not been for a few days. And what do you think? Half hour rinse the nose!
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Russia has fun on behati… In the Urals during the race “ski Track of Russia”, two persons died

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