[Translation] Why does skin wrinkles in water

Some parts of human skin on which the hair grows, have a unique reaction to contact with water. Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the fingers and toes, the palms and soles wrinkled after getting wet. Usually it is enough five minutes.
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Peshtigo horror 1871. Hypothesis

About Peshtigo horror” – here: http://catastrophe1707.blogspot.ru/2011/03/1871.html

If clothing a and iron objects were heated to melting then this is a clear description of electromagnetic radiation of high power! Fits like a glove! Death is instantaneous! But where then is it? Still possible radiation type x-ray… but it is clearly no Coca fire do not, Vyasa temperature will burn the clothes in the first place!

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Scientist revealed "truth" about visions during clinical death

Original taken from alexandrafl in the Scientist revealed the “truth” about visions during clinical death

The press service confirmed that Medvedev came on a real Rutracker.org

Press Secretary Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova statedthat the Prime Minister went to real Rutracker.org forever locked in Russia, and not on his “double” — Rutacker.ru.

The incident occurred during a meeting of the government Council on cinematography at VGIK. The Prime Minister pulled out his iPad and went to the biggest torrent tracker, where it suggested to download the movie “the Survivors”.
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“Philosophy of process”. The representative of Ukraine announced the launch of “Minsk-3”

The power of imaging and the importance of character

Suggested image and the symbolism says only one thing: everything and offers today can be addressed only in one way: everything that enhances the quality of the barrier on the door – should become; which leads to the ease to categorically refuted. And the same thing in the attitude of the actor behind the proposals and activities.
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When in the Duma there is nothing to do

The other day Roizman made a video message – it’s posted on the website of the Yekaterinburg city Duma in which has told about activity of architect Malakhov, said that someday, when it is done the new square in the suburban home of the architect, will be released with the initiative about renaming of street of Engels to street Malakhovsky. Will be released someday, but expressed now as Chairman of the city Council, took advantage, so to speak, official position, staked out the theme.
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Don’t eat Russian!

Redneck party rednecks of the liberal democratic party today issued a statement, which called on Turkish and not have to stick to the points of sale of Turkish goods with the words: “don’t eat Turkish!”

Suggest another sticker that says: “don’T EAT the RUSSIAN SHEEP will BECOME!”
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