In Pakistan a young Christian covered a suicide bomber at the entrance to the Church

Original taken from a_g_popov in Pakistan a young Christian covered a suicide bomber at the entrance to the Church

In Pakistan a young Christian covered a suicide bomber at the entrance to the Church

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Kids in a cage


News on the main page one news portal. Children of oligarchs as actors in Comedy and in tragedy.
Again: “Sobchak and Urgant made for a birthday of 9-year-old son of an oligarch”

“Businessman Ali Beglov spent on the preparation and celebration of 27 million rubles.
Birthday Naila beglova, son of the General Director of “LUKOIL-bunker” Ali Beglov, celebrated in the Northern capital. According Life78, the businessman has spent on the preparation and celebration of 390 thousand euros.”

Two: “Killed his mother the son of an oligarch Sosina: Parents gave me a lot”
“19-year-old Egor Sosin, son of Russian oligarch Igor Sosin, strangled his mother in the hotel in Kazan, admitted that not spoiled by parental attention. On their pages in social networks he talked about his relationship with the family, noting that he wants to be independent from her.”
Psychotherapist, psychologist and philosopher Viktor Frankl, the last in the war, the Nazi concentration camp in 1972 in his lecture for the students formulated the impact of senses on the young man’s life. Prior to that, Frankl drew on a vinimaniye kind of “epidemic” of suicides among the so-called “Golden mouldie” in America. Young people commit suicide in the absence of a true meaning of life.

With this theory mates and the horror of Nietzschean eternal return, a meaningless whirlpool, frightening and breaking the knee of the strongest. It goes well with her frightened Andrei Makarevich in his role of “smart men”, in one episode of the popular movie.

“Restaurants are nice, good machine”, but the future is not. Frightening really to think of anything very difficult. The present without the future is death, in a sense.
You will ask what is written above is connected with two first given the news? Communication, in my opinion, obvious. The futility of existence translates into the terror of tomorrow, and, in the end – in search of the way out of the situation. Because bessmyslennoe Life is terrible, then naturally, the search for yield leads to Death, how to comfort.
This is Capitalism as such. The Communists give to the question about man and the meaning of life quite different answers. And are these responses in a quite different semantic field, in the field of development, in the historical rise of mankind, expressed a brief definition of the Kingdom of Freedom.

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The Americans well, the canadian is not always


The man is a wolf, the state the state the crocodile. And so it will be until the day, until by the unions and the coalition will be to bring only economic benefits. By the way, it concerns directly our and the EEU.
The lifting of the ban on the export of crude oil from the U.S. may have political motives.

The lower house of Congress approved a compromise draft of the budget for 2016. In exchange for the continuation of funding of the state apparatus , it was decided to cancel the 40-year-old embargo on the export of crude oil. Opponents of the bill are concerned that it may adversely affect employment and the environment. Economist Richard Wolff believes that the decision of the Congress could have political motives.
The fact that the US has allowed the export of oil, it seems, will lead to further decline of raw material prices, although in recent years they have reached a minimum. In addition, this step can cause a strong impact on other countries — exporters of oil.

Mass layoffs due to the fall in oil prices pushing Canadians to suicide.
40 thousand employees of the oil industry in Alberta, Canada got under reduction in connection with the fall in oil prices. Experts attribute the unemployment increase in the number of suicides in the region.
Jesse Sibel is one of the oil workers who lost their jobs. According to him, in such a situation, people simply can not cope with stress.
“I understand why in Alberta, a growing percentage of suicides. Many work in this industry much longer than I have. But now they can’t pay their bills on time, because they reduced the number of working hours or fired at all. For the debts they take new cars and trailers, they are deprived of the right to housing. All this provides a very high level of stress. Personally, I have eight months without work. I can imagine that people to whom it befell, it is very difficult to cope with stress. It is therefore not surprising that a growing number of suicides. All this, in fact, caused by market prices for oil. The oil industry is in such serious decline that many do not even hope to return to work in the future. And they go on a desperate step, because unable to cope with stress”

The situation perfectly fits into the story of the immortal story by O. Henry “the Roads we choose”. Two bandits robbed a train in the Wild West, but the horse of one of them broke her leg:
“- …I came to the intersection and not know where to go. In half an hour I pondered what to do, then turned left. In the evening I caught up with circus cowboys and they moved West. I often wonder what would happen to me if I chose another road.
I think it would be the same, philosophically replied Bob Tidball. — It’s not the road we choose; what is inside us that makes us choose the road.
Shark Dodson got up and leaned against a tree.
— I really feel sorry that your Bay broke his leg, Bob, ‘ he repeated with feeling.
— And me too, ‘ agreed Bob, he’s a good horse. Well, Yes Bolivar us will take out. Perhaps it is time for us to move, Shark. Now all I do is lay back, and in the way; the bear and the person where is better. Bob Tidball put the loot in the bag and tightly tied the rope to him. Looking up, he saw the muzzle of the colt sorokapyatiletnyaya, which was aiming at him recklessly hand Shark Dodson.
— Come on, these jokes, — grinning, said Bob. — It’s time to move.
Sit, sit! said the Shark. — You don’t move Bob. I hate to say it, but there’s only room for one. Bolivar fizzled out, and two he doesn’t carry.
You and I have been friends for three years, Shark Dodson, — calmly replied Bob. Not once together, you and I risked my life. I’ve always been honest with you, thought you were a man. I heard about you something is wrong, if you killed two for no, Yes is not believed. If you made a joke, the Shark, take the colt and run rather. But if you want to shoot, shoot, black soul, shoot the tarantula!
Face Shark Dodson expressed deep sadness.
You won’t believe, Bob, — he sighed — I’m sorry your Bay broke his leg.
And his face instantly changed — it is now expressed cold brutality and relentless greed. This man’s soul shone through for a moment, as sometimes Peeps out the face of the villain from the window of a respectable bourgeois home.
In fact, Bob was not destined to move. There was a shot of a treacherous friend, Achim him in disgust and told him the stone walls of the gorge. And unwitting accomplice of the villain — Bolivar quickly swept away the last of the gang that robbed the “Evening Express”, the horse did not have to bear double load.”

In the paper “Essence of Time” can be found with the article Sergey Kurginyan “the other side of the interest, or About Marxism” about the interests and ideals. In my opinion, deep and vicious the inability to create strong alliances even between countries, even between people, lies in the absolute interests of each entity that has the potential in the Union to participate.
The family is always a compromise. If each member of the family will care only about their own interest – the family will disappear. In fact, unions of States also. Remember how the USSR was falling? First it was stated the primacy of interests over ideals, then was told his brother: “Look how much eat your smaller brethren. Let’s ViPNet them on the street, and their food will get to you!” The other brothers had done the same thing. And away we go.
The interesting thing is that these songs about “the primacy of interest” – continues to this day.

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