Polish “Change”

On 8 and 9 July in Warsaw will host a NATO summit. The event will be massive and will collect up to 2 thousand people, it will be attended by representatives of 28 countries – members of the Alliance and 28 delegations from partner countries. It is planned that the summit will arrive and will hold a series of meetings the President of the United States.
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He who has ears…

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The meeting of Putin and XI Jinping have become so frequent that even those who don’t follow political news especially, could not fail to note. What is behind such a “tight” communication, especially no one cares, except for the cushion of the fighters against the regime “a bloody Poo. In light of the political and economic confrontation between the West and Russia, there is nothing strange in the fact that Russia is forced to look for new partners in the East.

However, is it simple? Already forgotten about the “dead cities” in Northwest China, which is why it was built, but empty, with the tremendous needs of the Chinese in housing. Forgot about the direct hint of Hollywood in the movie “2012” where China plays the role of the Builder of the rescue ARKS to save humanity in the context of the flood, and suddenly…
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How to fight crime? To increase domain prices

The head of the “coordination center of TLD ru” Andrey Vorobev has explainedthe reason for high crime in Runet.

“Cheap domains plus liberal registration rules, which allow foreign citizens and organizations to register domains safely, lead to the fact that in our domain area comes a large number, if not fraud, then at least the people registering domains with explicitly illegal purposes,” he said, speaking on February 9 at the summit of the Cyber Security Forum.
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By hook or by crook. Japan proposed to hold a summit with Putin on the issue of the South Kuril Islands

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