the picture in a wheat field

Someone in the field began to walk

And move his wheat.
Men so sad
Otrodjas not seen;
Began to think Yes to guess
How would the thief sagledati;

P. Yershov. The Little Humpbacked Horse.

Attempts to explain the existence of artifacts that are not explicitly created by modern mankind (the Great pyramids of Egypt, the megaliths of Baalbek, Machu-Pikachu and “mapping” the lands of the forest glades and lines in the tundra) come from the dogma that humanity on Earth – the only kind of mind that could do it. And if that is made, as, for example, the same markup tundra, is at the limit of modern technology, and sometimes even beyond the limits of the modern man, based on the dogma is the logical conclusion: our civilization not only existed, and could have been of civilization and more advanced in their capabilities.

But the dogma of the uniqueness of the mind on Earth, a huge crack, facing the phenomenon of “crop circles”. Continue reading “Solaris”