The formation of hydrocarbons

Evgeniy Philippov wrote:

…about the Genesis of hydrocarbons, methane and oil

“Vitaly fleed, head of the Department of physical chemistry, Moscow Institute of fine chemical technology. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of chemical Sciences:“In several countries — the U.S., Japan, us Troitsk — built setup for simulation of the formation of hydrocarbons from carbonates and water in the presence of bivalent iron. If you mix calcium carbonate or magnesium with a solution of iron salts and heat at high pressure, as shown by our study, totally reliable formation of hydrocarbons. At least methane. This gas from beneath the Earth through channels in the rocks comes to the surface in the direction of motion undergoing various reactions to form heavier hydrocarbons. That is oil.”A friend writes: “I think everything is already understood that this is nonsense — what about the remains of ancient animals”
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Badgery more efficient air conditioning system

While we all toil from the heat and live only at the expense of air conditioning or fans for a couple of thousand years, there is a device that is so efficient that it makes life tolerable even in the desert, and cools the water almost to the freezing point. Badgery is Persian scoops that have made a home in the desert in a cool home. Besides, they are not without exotic aesthetics and rustic elegance.

бадгиры ветроуловители персия иран архитектура ирана отвратительные мужики disgusting men
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The games were a joint development of the CIA and Google

Original taken from varjag_2007 in the Games was a joint development of the CIA and Google

With the help of the game developers will be able to look inside of any institution

The game is about catching pokemon, which brought the world crazy, was developed by an internal startup of Google, whose Studio bankrolled the venture Fund of the CIA, created in 1999 year.

This was on the basis of its investigation, announced the employee of the publishing house Eksmo, Dmitry Rus.
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Microclimate against the flu: how to kill the virus with the help of ventilation and humidifier

The Ministry of health said the swine flu epidemic in Russia is coming to an end. But due to the high variability of influenza virus epidemics occur every 2-3 years, and seasonal outbreaks — generally every year. Therefore, the protection of the flu always is a hot topic. Initially we wanted to write about the different air purification technologies and their effectiveness in combating the virus. But after studying the scientific papers and talking to an expert center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector”, we realized that to destroy the influenza virus and be without a cleaner.

The main thing to observe three rules:
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The planet is in the thrall of the Earth. Past, present and future of the moon

The Slavic name of our natural satellite – the Moon has the same proto-Indo-European roots, and that the Latin Luna. “Louksna”, “bright” the Queen of the night, has always had a strong influence on human consciousness. Phase natural satellite of our planet became the basis of the Terran calendar, and the Moon is the main object of study of person of the space environment at the beginning of the space age. Two dozen expeditions to the Lunar surface, of which 6 were manned, greatly enriched our knowledge about this slave Land. Under the cut is relatively short, the content of our knowledge about the moon accumulated over the past half century.
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A look at Mars from Mars Express

On a near Mars orbit in its thirteenth year continues the work of the European satellite Mars Express. This device was launched in collaboration with Roscosmos — gave our rocket and put a few scientific instruments and the satellite built by the European space Agency. Mars Express flies in an elongated orbit that allows it to map not only the surface but also to remove the quite spectacular views from a great distance. Some pictures look today.
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