What’s wrong with Christmas?

A week ago last weekend the weekend in Nizhny Tagil was held the celebration of “Christmas eve”. More than a hundred children of Sverdlovsk region took part in it. Children’s party is always nice. That can compare with a happy child smile? The answer is obvious. The question is different.
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The Ministry of defence is preparing the sleigh in summer

On the website of the Ministry of defence came the news that at the training center of the Eastern military district stationed in TRANS-Baikal, has opened training courses for Junior commanders.
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The Soviet cities of Russia – 1

25 years ago our country defeated in the cold war, ceased to exist in its present form. Russia is the legal successor of the USSR. And though the struggle with the Soviet past does not cease denigrating it, striking out from the memory of the people light moments in the country there are signs of the Soviet era, the signs of its former greatness. Sometimes they look like paintings, because the times are quite different…
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The market of human resources


In one of the articles I referred to unemployment as a factor that can play a key role in trying to destabilize the situation in the country and in our region too. At the time of writing on 28 August 2015 the ratio of vacancies and job seekers (resumes) in Yekaterinburg on one of the portals was 1 to 10, now after four months, the situation in the marketplace human resources has deteriorated considerably.
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The connection of epochs and civilizations

Today in our city started the III Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art. The founders of the exhibition is: the State Center of contemporary art; coredial: administration of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region, the Government of Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg city Administration; the exhibition is held under support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. In the role of organizer of the Ural branch of national center for contemporary art.
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Ekaterinburg-operating: 1 to 10

It is the ratio of vacancies and summaries in Yekaterinburg gives currently one of the city portals. Crisis in 2008 this ratio was 1 to 4 and was considered very low. 7 years later and we are witnessing the fall in 2,5 times. It is clear that the reason is not in the demographic growth of the population or that it is much younger. A new wave of crisis, “no”, led to a huge gap of demand and supply in the labour market.
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Life in debt

Last week, the Russian government issued the Sverdlovsk region for the implementation of the program to reduce tension on the labor market of 250 million rubles. And this is by 44.5 thousand unemployed and workers who are on part-time work. If we divide on each, you get a onetime payment per person 5 561 rubles, while the living wage in the field for the working-age population 10 604 of the ruble. If to take into account that in February the Department of labor and employment predicted by the end of the current year increase to 70,000 unemployed people, it becomes clear how little Federal support. For this reason, or any other 27 August, the Ministry of Finance of Moscow region announced a competition for a loan of 5 billion rubles for three years worth 2.2 billion rubles. the Cost of credit shows that its repayment will need to give 7.2 billion rubles.
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“Sverdlovsk-industrial” is returned?

During the recent visit of the President to our region according to the Sign.whom the head of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev at the meeting of the state Council discussed with Vladimir Putin, with the participation of the General Director UVZ Oleg Sienko question about re-registration “research and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”, which includes several dozen companies, on the territory of Sverdlovsk region. This will give the regional budget about 5 billion rubles of additional revenue per year. The process of registration of all necessary documents should be launched in the near future, and confirmed in regional administration, and the Corporation Uralvagonzavod.
And now, the regional government probably already beginning to plan on what items to spend these funds. Today, according to REGNUM.Ru, the Governor during the session of the Presidium of the government on the implementation of measures for development of import substitution and scientific-industrial cooperation in the sectors of industry of the Sverdlovsk region instructed the regional Ministry of industry and science. Namely, for the effective development of industry of the Sverdlovsk region it is necessary to update and systematise tools to support industry, as well as identify a list of priority areas and projects for the provision of benefits and subsidies. The determining factor should be the competitiveness and demand of production of the Ural enterprises in the international market.

It is hoped that these joint solutions center and the region will provide the necessary impetus for the development of the industrial sector twice the order of Lenin Sverdlovsk region.

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