Umberto Eco on fascism – 4 (the end)

In the previous section we traced a series of statements by Umberto Eco about fascism, consequential from the appeal of the Nazis to the syncretic traditions of syncretic or traditionalist cult. We found that a logical train Eco “sat down at the bus stop”, in contrast to the expert group of RAS who prepared the definition and clarification of the term “fascism” for the President and the government of the Russian Federation at the same time with him. We also noticed that if the first four signs of some logic and consistency of thought is aged, then on the fifth paragraph it dried up.
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Syncretism: the race in dictionaries

The recent modest extractor of quintessence (i.e., I) got a lot of pompous references to syncretism in General and syncretic cults in particular. To understand the adult interlocutor, when he with a significant view reports about their regressive trends is not easy, and even harder to forgive. In addition, it was foundthat one recently passed away Italian Professor 20 years ago made a scream: “Now I’ll explain everything!” — after what may have confused the minds of men so that conceptual thinking in them stopped working. Some still believe in the magical power of syncretism.

Therefore it seemed useful to go and collect the basic values and contexts of this word in a tight, heavy knot, which is handy to have in case of urgent necessity in psycho-correction.
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