Aksenov about Krasin (1969)

Любовь к электричеству

Collected materials to the report on Leonid Krasin in the first Russian revolution (1905-1907). Among other things, could not ignore the story of the Soviet (at the time of writing) writer Vasily Aksenov “Love for electricity”.
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Flower, answer me!

V. N. Pushkin, “Knowledge is power”, N. 11, 1972.

To begin, perhaps the best, with a detective story. It told the world the American criminologist Baxter. Was the killer and the victim. Was the fact of death. And even witnesses of crimes were. Fortunately, in this murder as the victim did not appear. The killer deprived of life… the shrimp. Narrated by Baxter story contains a description of the model of the crime and not the crime itself. But that does not make it any less interesting. Continue reading “Flower, answer me!”

The encounter with Nadezhdin

The spectacle is not that sad, but instructive.

  • Nadezhdin all the time diverting the conversation from liberals on themselves.

Pretty funny attempt to wash his when I say: “You from me ever hear that?”. Bright presented a political camp.
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Version from abrod. Warmongers Nevzlin and Khodorkovsky

Original taken from abrod in warmongers Nevzlin and Khodorkovsky

The claim of YUKOS makes no sense, because Russia is the money still will not pay, and in response will arrest the European property on the territory of Russia.

The only effect that can have the action of YUKOS is the paralysis of international trade, in particular the relationship with AIRFRANCE and other parts of the WATERMELON. But, as you can see, this forces the USSR to develop its own civil aviation industry and domestic market in General, reject food supplies from Europe and Ukraine, freeing the market for their own agriculture and slowly but surely get out of the situation currency board and the global financial and economic system in which it built at that price.
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Social racism, or segregation by IQ


A new tool for the segregation of Russian society propose to introduce hardworking and caring deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
Now it is proposed to divide children on the basis of high/low IQ (intelligence quotient). What is this wonderful initiative, and what this can mean for society?

“State Duma Deputy Mikhail Serdyuk (“Fair Russia”) sent a letter to the Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov with a request to consider changing the system of testing of students in secondary schools. Thus, the legislator provides in addition to Unified state examination (EGE), which checks knowledge of students in a particular field, to develop and introduce in schools mandatory testing for the level of intellectual development (IQ). This system, according to the Deputy, will make the assessment more objective intelligence and to help identify new gifted students.
In addition, Mikhail Serdyuk has proposed the Ministry of education to develop a system of preferences for admission to universities for those students who through testing has proven a significant level of intellectual development, and hence their potential as future professionals.

…He noted that the IQ test that evaluates the level of thinking and intelligence, in the future may replace the exam, which has many disadvantages and which in fact can pass safely momentary memorized and forgotten after a few days, a certain amount of information and getting the desired result on points.
Today there are many systems of evaluation intellectual development — test Eysenck, kettelle, Wechsler, Amthauera, etc. the vast majority of them — adapted the tests from the practice of Western scientists and developersthat can reduce their practical value given the complexity of accurate translation tasks. Based on these considerations, the legislator proposes to the Federal Ministry not only to introduce the IQ-assessment in schools, but also to develop the best option to test it for Russian children.”

We should start to understand the texture. Intelligence test scores are also actively introduced in the first half of the twentieth century. The most famous version is the Eysenck test. Himself Hans Jurgen Eysenck is a specialist in the field of psychology, actively cooperated including the top of the third Reich. In addition, Eysenck wrote articles in the spirit of racist theories on the creation of the “Superman”. Here you can read more.
“…Despite the fact that in high school Eysenck publicly dissociated themselves from fascism and even engaged because of their views into the fray, his experiments and research he began to help search for Nazi “Superman”. The official ideology of Germany of those years as a scientist had an effect of doping. “Sverhnatsii”, consisting of perfect persons, preparations for cleansing and selection of the most beautiful-smart-healthy strongly attracted by the EPP. Biologists and chemists of Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan have already started genetic experiments on human beings. Including on the brain. Eysenck was shocked by these experiments: he worked in several anatomical laboratories. Conducting experiments on the human brain, he tried to answer the question: does the size and weight of the human brain on his mental abilities?
Not only anatomy he called the first cause effects on intelligence, also he was attracted by astrology. Interesting is the fact that in the late thirties he was in correspondence with many famous astrologers of Europe and America. He personally drew up the horoscopes for the top of the Third Reich and just before the outbreak of war was sent to the Reichstag letters to Goebbels and Himmler – with their individual astrological cards.
Living in England, Eysenck wrote a series of articles, is deeply fascist in spirit: about the overpopulation of the planet and the upcoming brutal struggle for survival; of the elect, who should stand at the head of humanity; their ascetic upbringing and, as a consequence, the iron will and iron spirit.
For persistent search “smart meter” colleagues called Eysenck “human thermometer”.”

Suggest to read also the interesting article about the origins of racist ideology, which also discusses the division of people, including on grounds of “IQ”.
Racism begins only there and then, where one of the races is declared the highest and the others lower, “—says a prominent Soviet and Russian historian and ethnologist Y. I. Semenov. And this too is a fact, like the existence of races. And here already there can be no “naive” and no “honest mistakes”. As soon as any group of people is declared to be the highest (it doesn’t matter why: due to “blue blood”, a higher IQ, white leather, the bag of money or a house number that is a multiple of five), and everyone else is inferior, it is racism. With all the consequences — all the way to Auschwitz.”
“In the 20-ies in the U.S. based on the estimates of IQ are realized, discrimination against migrants from Europe, most of which are recognized licit and not allowed into the country. In individuals with low IQ are entered laws on forced sterilization, which in some States will exist until 70-ies.
In England on the basis of falsified studies of the genetic basis of intelligence by Cyril Burt introduced a system of sorting of pupils at the age of 11 schools of different levels that determine in the future the opportunity of obtaining higher education. After the death of Bart is its main study on monozygotic twins were exposed as a complete fabrication. In the postwar period is booming genetics, open DNA, decoded the DNA composition of humans and many other species, including the extinct Neanderthal. But for the followers of Barth, time seems to stand still: with the same findings about genetic predetermination of intelligence they publish the book.
So, Richard Lynn in translated we in 2010 the book “Racial differences in intelligence. Evolutionary analysis” argues that human races differ from each other. The smartest East Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans average IQ = 105 points), then there are Caucasians with an average IQ of 100 points, the Negroid is 70 points. Even developed a theory: the more intelligent, the more head (or Vice-versa?!) Here the Negroid heads are short, as in warm Africa, and to think especially there is nothing — not life, but welfer. Another thing in the Northern latitudes — some concerns, head straight swollen, especially in the ice age — a mammoth Christmas in the cave perevoloki, so still keep your eyes open for the neighbours or the Neanderthals were not stolen. (Do not expect, dear readers, that we are exaggerating, that’s what it is: cold and care lead to an increase in head size, therefore, to increase IQ — so that’s “science”).
That’s why the fate of Africa South of the Sahara are so concerned about politicians of all developed countries in the world — the fact that, according to Lynn, IQ of 70 points corresponds to the average IQ of the American teenager 12 years. Imagine, not a continent, and kindergarten! Friend Lynn Rushton writes about the situation: “If the correct conclusion Lynn in his book “IQ and global inequality” that IQ of 90 points is the threshold for maintaining a technological economy, it is a serious problem…”. Here it is — “the dog is buried”: on development, especially on the modernization and dream, mind still don’t get is your head that small! That had to be developed countries with an average 100-point IQ almost forced to patronize African countries, undeveloped. And help them (not for nothing, of course), undeveloped, to produce… oil and gas, where the uranium with tantalum-niobates. What can you do?..”

You feel than it begins to smell? Because there is already plenty of research is dedicated to exposing myths about the so-called “IQ”. These studies reveal the relative importance of this indicator, and certainly not a reason to separate the children into different groups.
Our vlastpriderzhaschih just itch in one place, so they want something to be unbolted and split in our society. Some propose to sterilize poor, which are often dysfunctional family. Others have proposed to measure the shape of the skull based on very conventional and faulty metric to give preference for admission to the UNIVERSITY. Regardless of what an IQ test will never determine the motivation to learn, the ability of the individual to development. That is – people with low IQ and high motivation for learning is able to outperform as a result of whoever has a higher IQ, but less motivated to learn.
What is offered to society today? Instead of full restoration of the education system – offers a completely different method: to implement “student-centered” model of education a person has, a system in which the student shall be deemed formed, Mature person, able to make decisions in the field of education, what subject to teach, and where you can and relax. This model actively pushes to change the model in which the student recognized only a maturing of the personalityfrom which a full personality has yet to form. And how can, measure have not fully formed, unevenly developing person any indicator to draw conclusions on the level of development of this personality to get the result?
So, what happens? New principles of the education system (fixed in the Federal state standards) are aimed at “comfortingly” of education, to cancel every effort of the pupil in mastering new material. And since any serious achievements always lie beyond the comfort in “comfort” the education system is not a priori high achievements, breakthroughs. There will be no growth and aging of a person, the comfort of which today’s managers are baked from Minobraza.
Then, EN masse “relaxed”, lazy array of students will be based on extremely arbitrary index to distinguish some “elite”, which will be facilitated by the passage upward, that is, opened, the elevators of social mobility. All others will be defined into a social ghetto from which exit to the top would still only difficult. Further, according to the logic of “experimenters”, putting such experiments on our children, social “lifts” will have to close. This is inevitably going to come, because as soon as clustered to be divided into caste society, the conventional “elite” would not want to share with the “commoners” of his position and power.
Just like that, sweet songs about the “people’s unity” and other “vstavanii from knees”, an organized gang of lawmakers from the Duma and government minobraza ruining it is the most unity.
By and large, we see in our lives begins to creep open great risk of social racism.

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Shore at sunken fortress

…Have been another version of what the level of the Black sea not long ago was much higher, but… the next 2-3 thousand years this could not be, since Anapa is a place where literally by the sea (2-3 meters from the level of) growing junipers tissi sometimes 2-3 years…

In the place where I wanted the pipe of South stream dipping and near the cottage of the Patriarch had built, I was fishing from the boat, so the captain claimed that from the shore 200-300 meters there is a wall of the fortress, the edge of which the surface to 2-3 meters (but I didn’t dive in for what bought for sell)

The estimated location of the flooded walls


Pierce (short, near which something round), the boat moved away from him and took to the right in the direction of the village Sukko (the name is), about half way between Sukko and the pier from the shore about 300 metres this wall (according to him is not deep, can it stand). And the pipe to lower wanted around Sukko, he is in the valley between the mountains is worth (according to the CEP in the village had a big problem with the sewage system (in peyreleau but now established)). And the mountains there just strange how the cake is cut almost vertically.
Below are some pictures of the surroundings with a distinctive post-flood coastline.

Or here.

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