[Translation] Why does skin wrinkles in water

Some parts of human skin on which the hair grows, have a unique reaction to contact with water. Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the fingers and toes, the palms and soles wrinkled after getting wet. Usually it is enough five minutes.
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How to share files in Linux. SSHFS. Part 2

Could not resist to continue the article on sshfs, a very convenient way of sharing files on the server. Will be considered automatically mounted on demand (on demand), i.e. mount a remote directory automatically when you open the designated folder in the file Manager (about working in the terminal will be silent). Automounting very well described in archwiki, and generally a good HOWTO there is a huge number. My goal is just to remind you that there is such a possibility because to the articles on this website, I sshfs also did not pay attention, but it was a very convenient thing. Therefore, the review is very short.

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Benefits of water for our body

Original taken from alex54sar in the benefits of water for our body

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the benefits of water for our body


Water is an important source of life. Norm of water per day for an adult is about 3 liters. Moreover, about 1.5 liters of water in its purest form. Only need to drink a little, not more than 150 milliliters per 10 minutes. Otherwise, it is ingested and is not good.
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When tomorrow comes

You to understand that if “religious ritual” (an expression of the Minister of internal Affairs) were sent to the parishioners of the UOC-KP, Greco-Catholics, Buddhists, Jehovah’s witnesses, there are no problems with security would not have arisen. When gays at the behest of holders of European values held a parade in front of the University, almost by battalions from the ATO didn’t. Or fit? I don’t remember. But there’s a special case. Broken monopoly on the conduct of processions, including a torchlight, acts of sodomy in the Central square, which is owned by the last-the “revolution of gidnost”.
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The new series of the soap Opera “Putinslil”

Originally posted by sokura at the Version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Original taken from wod_1958 in the Version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Exclude Russia from the negotiations on the Donbass

In vain the Russian foreign Ministry doldonit that the alternative to the Minsk negotiation process. Already there: from now on the fate of Donbass will be decided not in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, with the participation of Kiev, and in a very different international format – the “big five” (USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy) plus Ukraine. Russia, therefore, is not just pointed to the door – threw it away. Well, Russian diplomats that happen with the “Minsk-2”, to meet it, man, now there is only wipe.

Few of the experts are seriously counting on an infinite continuation of the Minsk talks: “Minsk-2” was needed only temporarily, in order to completely eliminate the “Russian forces” in the Donbass. Of course, addressing the “Minsk-2”, which, as asserted by the Russian diplomats, there is no alternative, even Kiev was not going to perform. In General, due to the “Minsk-2” Ukraine has been strengthened on the South-Eastern border, concentrating there a hundred thousand well-armed military group, and completely blocked the further expansion of the “Russian spring”. Moscow, therefore, was in a very bad position deceived naive “nerd”.
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Just before all for everyone and everything to blame

In his article “the Loss of reality” I give interview with the head of the laboratory of social psychology of the St. Petersburg state University Lyudmila Yazykovoi. In it she gives a definition that is conceptual thinking, highlighting three main points is:
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