There once was a dog: interesting facts

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This is the most amazing cartoon of all Soviet cartoons, be sincere and kind. You should just watch it. In this cartoon, so many of humor and all this is because of the main characters Dog and Wolf. It is possible to watch many, many times and not get tired to repeat the fun phrase: “Sho? Again?” or “right now I sing” that cause laughter.
In 2012, the Open festival of animation cinema in Suzdal cartoon became the first in the ranking of the 100 best Russian cartoons for 100 years, beating the famous Well, wait a minute! and the Hedgehog in the fog.
Cartoon there was a dog, though created 30 years ago, is considered the best embodiment of the Ukrainian theme in the animation. Moscow animator Eduard Nazarov in a short cartoon with the wolf and the dog in the lead roles gave the Ukrainian national character better than anyone from among Russian filmmakers.
With the literary prototypes of his cartoon Nazarov met in a distant post-war childhood. The father of the future Director once brought her son’s little book, the title which the boy immediately found a “mistake”. “Oh, look, the cover letter is not written Languages, not the Tale, ” he complained to the father. But the parent explained that the book is written in Ukrainian and therefore there is no error. It tells the Director, he then easily mastered: “Languages something similar.
One of those “Cuzco” about the dog Sirko and his friend the wolf Muscovite remembered 30 years later, already as a young art Director at a national animation Studio Soyuzmultfilm. Then this children’s book once again caught in his hand, but already in Russian translation.
“At first glance, the tale is unremarkable. It is generally short, just a few lines, ” says Nazarov. But there is only one expression was: “right now I sing!”. And once I was hooked it. Got to thinking, what kind of life was the wolf, what the dog when they were young… and so gradually unfolded events”.
The real gem of the material was the music, which the author of the cartoon has got in 1980 at the Institute of folklore and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Staff gave Nazarov large tape reel with old songs recorded by ethnographers in Ukrainian villages.
Wolf first had to announce Mikhail Ulyanov, however, due to permanent employment in the film industry, to invite him in, “there once was a dog” failed.
The sound of people leaving the carts at the beginning of the cartoon Nazarov borrowed from the movie “Chapaev”.
Nazarov wrote the script of the cartoon for a year.
The bronze monument Wolf weighing about 200 kg was built in Tomsk in 2005. The authors, caster Maxim Petrov and consultant artist Leonty Usov. The wolf can speak eight phrases (“right now I sing!”, “God help you!”, “Well, you come in, if that!” etc.).

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Just before all for everyone and everything to blame

In his article “the Loss of reality” I give interview with the head of the laboratory of social psychology of the St. Petersburg state University Lyudmila Yazykovoi. In it she gives a definition that is conceptual thinking, highlighting three main points is:
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Syncretism: the race in dictionaries

The recent modest extractor of quintessence (i.e., I) got a lot of pompous references to syncretism in General and syncretic cults in particular. To understand the adult interlocutor, when he with a significant view reports about their regressive trends is not easy, and even harder to forgive. In addition, it was foundthat one recently passed away Italian Professor 20 years ago made a scream: “Now I’ll explain everything!” — after what may have confused the minds of men so that conceptual thinking in them stopped working. Some still believe in the magical power of syncretism.

Therefore it seemed useful to go and collect the basic values and contexts of this word in a tight, heavy knot, which is handy to have in case of urgent necessity in psycho-correction.
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Interesting Version and especially the Conclusion. DUTY CALLS IN A BIG CAMPAIGN

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When in the Duma there is nothing to do

The other day Roizman made a video message – it’s posted on the website of the Yekaterinburg city Duma in which has told about activity of architect Malakhov, said that someday, when it is done the new square in the suburban home of the architect, will be released with the initiative about renaming of street of Engels to street Malakhovsky. Will be released someday, but expressed now as Chairman of the city Council, took advantage, so to speak, official position, staked out the theme.
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