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Very good post comrade wrote v_i_n_o_d_e_l about the reburial of Lenin. More precisely, concerning the poll, which interviewed citizens about Lenin. It turned out that citizens, in General, have a positive attitude to Lenin, but rather approve of his reburial — the wet dream of those who hates Lenin, struggling with the memory of him and the entire Soviet period of Russian history. The answer to the question why (or rather private version, not claiming to have the truth and finality) I suggested last week in the suburban electirc.
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The situation with trucks is much worse than is usually presented because of the official ban on travel on Ukrainian territory was not. The lock gave illegal armed groups. And the behavior of the Ukrainian government, similar to what was observed in the blockade of the Crimea Dzhemilev and company, and it shows that the government simply does not control the situation in the country. Because if on the territory of at least Germany, though Russia, though Poland some people suddenly decided not to let, say, Swedish trucks, they would be instantly arrested. The Ukrainian government is afraid to neutralize “blockers” to not get already performance against their own bandits. The story of the trucks is not a provocation of the government, and his helplessness. It controls their offices, but does not control the country.

веселый Роджерс

About the decline of morals

In this expression, the decline of morals is a lie. It is not stated how did these mores themselves or someone dropped it. What is mores? It’s customs that have moral significance for some social groups or society as a whole. Can the group itself to drop these morals? After all, they are the moral core that allow this group to be. This group first ceases to be, and as a consequence is the fall. Or drop them in order to ruin and destroy the group itself.
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Podolsky junkman. The story in the first person

It’s eight in the morning and our city is still asleep. At eight in the morning sleep all except Baker Ivan Nikonorovich, evanego brother is the worst enemy of Paul Nikonorovich. They were tight, the bakery was shared, but brother Paul was jealous of Ivan for his wife, though he lived a happy life with their uncle. Paul has poisoned his wife and opened his own bakery, and on the left.

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Fortress: shield and sword (2015)


I’m already so used to mediocrity and unoriginality of Russian cinema and animation, which I didn’t expect to see something more or less noticeable in the near future. Nevertheless, the new animated film from “the Mill” has managed to surprise in many positions. Despite some minor flaws, the film is worthy of praise and attention. Residents of the Herd, I hope still remember me criticism on fanfics. The authors subjected to criticism, can hardly catch me in the narrowness of the assessment, the bias and floradrene, I have always tried to be as impartial, praised strengths and criticized the weak. Believe me, to get my score that I give this film, is very difficult, and I can explain it by the fact that our multiday at once approached the matter carefully, responsibly and with imagination.
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Version from chipstone. "poor Russia say the word"-1. As we come to this.

Original taken from chipstone in “poor Russia say a word”is -1. As we come to this.

My opponents constantly say I talk a lot about the condition and prospects of the world economy, but completely bypass the attention of what is happening in our country. They say, therefore silent that say something good will come of it, and to bury the dollar and the world financial system much more pleasant than digging in the native stinking pile of manure.

Thought and decided to correct this “defect”. My only fear, disappoint at the same time and pocket the liberal fear mongers, and hard-nosed jingoes. Nothing to scream “Psaropoula” in Russia is not happening. As is not happening and nothing that would immediately raise the flag and wave them in all directions, yelling happily about the victory over the “world Serpent”. Primarily because a significant portion of our economy that the “Serpent” and created, but because it hurts with him. But do not panic due to the fact that when the smoke and dust from the collapsing building of the world economy settles, and reality will manifest itself in all its glory, will be immediately understood that the best position will be those who are able to live independently, as well as those who can offer the neighbors something relevant to their lives. And Russia will inevitably be among these lucky people. Really appreciate this will be from a new perspective. From today, everything will be much darker than it looks, even today, “sapropelic”.
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The Americans on the moon. Part 3

That “flight of the Americans to the moon” was a hoax, colleagues from Hollywood like a Pro, understood at once – staged for specialists was evident, and the hand of the master Kubrick they recognized at once. But because thing was the banter on this “flight” in the next Saga of James bond.

Americans aren’t presented – definitely no photographs taken on the moon or lunar soil, at least a pound from half a ton, allegedly taken from the moon.
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