How I became a Communist.

In this text I want to share one story. There are stories about people, is about things that I’m talking about a philosophical thought, which was a decisive ideological influence that I became a Communist. I would like to share how I “come yeah such a life”. Someone will laugh, someone is going to sound crazy, but someone will compare his way of becoming. The laughing and the “wild” of little interest to me, this post is for those who compare with his. So:
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[The sandbox] How life began: LEGO in the washing machine

Recently visited with children at Moscow’s interactive Museum of Living Systems (metro Savelovskaya). Among other things, caught my eye an interesting experiment on the topic “how life began” with Lego bricks. In the washing machine lay scattered Lego Duplo and after an hour or two removed. The output meet the design of two, three and sometimes even four parts.

The experiment was designed to show that the primary broth could be formed by chance complicated connections and life in General.
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When I quit drinking and Smoking, his head occasionally there are a stupid idea that you must implement. One of these thoughts this morning called for my stupid head, switching channels, I saw the man dimmed pancakes or pancakes made of zucchini with sour cream. I’m ashamed to say I know what this dish is made with zucchini, crushed in a blender, flour and yogurt. I ran to the kitchen to check that I have from it. It turned out that from all this I have only payback. Well, pancakes, bitch want, the anticipation of hot pancakes with sour cream, eclipsed mind so that poldvenadtsatogo night I decided to go to the store. Well, what? Weather whispers, drunks drinking, all grandly and nobly, going to the only store which had worked 24 hours, I found the inscription that the shop supposedly closed, come tomorrow morning.

I said that with the advent of prohibition, at night, many shops just stopped working after 23. And according to my personal observations this does not affect the libations of our population. If before, the companies that are going under the Windows, took a little bit, and then just ran until, until we started arguing who goes and fights in the style of a drunken crane, and it was over 3 mornings, now they take for future use, so for the future, that all does not stop until 5 am. Then begins jablechna, fight, and then have to go to work to get up. The government does not understand our people. He nimfomanki, it is always small and if he can’t add, he’ll take so much, not just to get drunk, and die immediately. And again, if you cut those who drink, why cut all the others who, for example need flour and yogurt in 12 nights?
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