10 dangerous indoor plants. They need to know!!!

One of the most dangerous plants recognized as spurge. All parts of this plant contain a poisonous SAP that can be cause severe burning, skin blisters, and in case of contact with eyes, even temporary blindness.
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Why weaken the antivirus protection Windows

The computer security experts armed with a debugger and examined the binary code of the popular antiviruses. It turned out that Kaspersky, Avast, BitDefender, the built-in Windows defender and other antivirus software use the technique of hooking threat, which opens up unlimited possibilities of hackers hacking your PC.

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The reasons of activation of parasites.

Dsalary Smotrina K. V. B. E. G. “disasters and catastrophes is the main threat to planetary and Eurasian security at the entrance to III Millennium BC.”

Halford Mackinder: Who owns the Heartland owns the world island, who owns the world island, possesses the world“.
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Clear and present danger

Three articles that asked me today in terms of military-political international situation in the world.

Alexander Knyazev says Tajik Avesta on the project, analytical reports of American experts on Central Asia. First understands what says American expert from diverse groups and problem spots in the region, provides an alternative view of the situation, and then unobtrusive code:
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The state Duma is going through, that can “freeze”

“The danger of a new cold war is growing,” reads the statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, prepared on 22 June 2016 Duma Committee on international Affairs, reports “Kommersant” with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Committee Svetlana Jurova.
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In Latvia sounding the alarm: die!

Source: EurAsia Daily

The head of the journalists Union of Latvia Juris Pajders the newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (“Independent morning newspaper”) has dedicated an article to a catastrophic reduction of the population. Arguing with environmentalists calling for the care of wild animals, pagers argues that currently fit person in Latvia to protect as endangered species.
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Latent Stoltenberg, his threats and our response

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Warnings from NATO moves to threats, while hidden. That said, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on the eve of the new session of defense Ministers of the countries of the Alliance about to be placed in the Baltic States and Poland, the international battalions are designed to combat.
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