About (not) exceeding the limits of self-defense

Or about exceeding the limits of necessary defense, because the law is not “self-defense” is “self-defense”. Talk about weapons sooner or later face with this theme, around which there is a lot of speculation and myths.
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That’s all… Came: the Japs will sit on “hydrogen needle”

The authors of these reports report type where the field of hydrogen opened, not in Japan?

Guys: you need to fill the tank with a little hydrogen, its somewhere nemnogo need to get:)
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That’s all… Come…

Original taken from slavikap in Here and all… Came…

Original taken from kadykchanskiy in Here and all… Came…

Repeated the same for 30 years now, that America “kill” the country from which they expect will not. All who would be waiting for the collapse “a main citadel of the world’s evil” will disappoint. Together with the United States will collapse, and Russia. Moreover, even earlier. As winter always comes “unexpectedly” and Japan “unexpectedly” made a real breakthrough in energy without hydrocarbons. See. Here is the first swallow:
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