The depth of the treasure

On the shores of lake Yalpug, in the Izmail district of Odessa region, treasure hunters have found part of the legendary treasures of the Huns. At the depth of 10 cm under the ground using metal detectors, they found a small gold plate, ornamented. Found plate is very thin, like foil. Rather, it is part of the upholstery of the seat or clothing or helmet of a warrior. We will remind that in 2006 in this place treasure hunters have already been found a treasure of gold objects, called “the treasure of Attila”. The total weight of the findings was about two kilograms

In Moscow, the treasures lie at a depth of 7-10 meters.

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10 historical mysteries that are not solved still

Original taken from drumsmen in 10 historical mysteries that are not solved still

How far you have advanced science, there will always be questions that she will not be able to answer. Think this is one of the fundamental rules that we need to learn: it is impossible to know everything. Many secrets and keeps a history.

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Fake glitter treasures of Troy

0_36507_872aca59_XLThe fortunate adventurer-millionaire and Amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann excavated Troy, the legendary city, and became famous for centuries. Despite the fact that Golden treasure today travels around the world, around the findings so far is “the Trojan war”. Did Schliemann actually detecting gold treasure or was it a brilliant Scam, understands our correspondent.

In 1866, an unknown Amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann begins to search for the legendary Troy. In two years with a copy of “the Iliad” in his hands he has traveled the world and made a clear conclusion: the desired Troy is in Asia Minor, near the entrance to the Dardanelles, on the hill now called Hissarlik. Continue reading “Fake glitter treasures of Troy”