20 words and expressions with a very interesting history of origin

Original taken from astori_18 in 20 words and expressions with a very interesting history of origin

1. To lose

This word, as the expression “Hey there, cap!”, has nothing to headgear, spineless intellectuals and other standard images that arise in our mind with you. Word is it’s in the jargon straight from Yiddish and is a warped form of the German verb “schlafen” — “to sleep”. A “hat”, respectively, “Sonia, caught Napping”. While you’re here hat your suitcase draped.

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Prometheus on the History of Medicine

Thank you companions, fallen upon the article of Vladimir Lazarenko in the History of Medicine about Prometheus. The article is good many. First obshirnye citate of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Hesiod, and secondly extensive mithraicism context and some anthropological. This is a valuable.
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Jewish happiness by Posner.

Network walk a showdown over the film Posner&Urinate about Israel. The Israelis are indignant brazen propaganda lie of the man on the monthly salary of the First channel. Roscience incredibly happy that imperialist Israel rots, it bombed, and generally bloodthirsty Jews again drank all the water from the taps of the long-suffering Rossii.

To understand Israel, one must imagine an area where there are virtually no resources, where all around are hostile Muslim countries that, by the way, are always the first attacked Israel. The first time they attacked in the first week after the creation of the state of Israel, 5 countries attacked one country, where in fact even the army was not. And here Arabs, loaded with English arms, lost the war to the nines, managed to lose part of Jerusalem. But, it’s not even that. In fact on the ground dead, the Jews were able for decades to build one of the most powerful countries in the region. In Israel the best medicine, excellent education, excellent IT technologies, one of the best armies in the World, the magnificent agriculture (government in the wilderness) and so on and so forth. Looking at Israel and the Jews, and arguing about their happiness could not help think that their happiness in work, creativity, and brains.
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The results of the five-year plan

While writing my post five years ago, looking through material, natknulsya on this post, also five years ago.

Originally posted by dr3lo at merry Christmas from Ernst, Ryazanov and Lungin

This year the celebration of Orthodox Christmas our tireless workers of culture has prepared several pleasant surprises for all Russians. Showed the film “the Tsar” Pavel Gunina (i.e. Lungin – typo). Here is a gift because gift. Russian people eat not oblyapaytes. Look at his first Russian Tsar-freak and enjoy my beastliness, rudeness and cruelty. And don’t forget the bastards, what are you creatures really are. And celebrate your stupid “Christmas” while all civilised people already celebrated it at the right time. Apparently it greetings wanted to give us a comrade in Trouble (i.e. Ernst, a typo). And on the channel “Culture” (Doc. the film “Music of life”, 17:15) likewise but more frankly we were all pleased with their poems directed by Eldar Ryazanov. Been looking on the Internet it is a monumental creation, but finally found it. Read and enjoy:
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