Microsoft deploys surveillance in Windows 7

Surveillance of Windows 10 under the guise of telemetry known to all. People are just happy a new version of Windows and try not to ask too many questions, not to get unpleasant answers. Smarter people stay on Windows 7, but tightly control the updates and efficiently block malware, which Microsoft is trying procreant telemetry and previous versions of Windows. Liberatum already published a list of these malicious updates.

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[Translation] Ferocious bulls: how wall Street got hooked on trading at light speed

One of the most interesting things about the company collapsed Knight Capital Group – the trading firm that lost in 2012, $440 million – the speed of its collapse. [original article dated 2012, approx.transl.] In the news wrote that the bulk of wrong trade decisions occurred within the hour, and this computer controlled drain once again forced the financial community to discuss, isn’t the pursuit of profit to a fast, but dull and uncontrolled. We place this story before her appearance in the September issue of Wired, because it describes how wall Street came to the state in which such lapses occur more often and what else ready traders seeking to ever-faster trading.
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Who will work in the case of the adoption of hard-fork’and Ethereum?

After the discovery of a bug in the soft-fork’e, which led to the failure of the community from this decision, the DAO trying to buy time with counter-attacks through the voting system in the contract, and the developers of blockchain tentatively decided to go more radical, but less technically challenging path hard-fork‘a forced transfer of all funds breached the contract of The DAO (including the “attacked” user) controlled by the community budget. Behind the scenes, people are trying to play volatility rates and make a profit even at risk tokens of a failed decentralized organization.

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Thing whether you’re shivering or the right have?

Original taken from mylnikovdm in the Thing whether you’re shivering or the right have?

Review of the project “Teach good”:

“The head of the Institute. Kurchatova M. Kovalchuk at the Federation Council meeting and says things a couple of years ago together obsesivos “sensible people” as “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theories”.
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The country is frightening idiots!

In Russia there is such proverb, she was born from a joke: Let me die a cow, just as my neighbour was two.

And now, reading the comments, posts and watching the comments of people on TV, type of Muscovites and visitors, I’m surprised only one fact that these people are not much rejoice in the fact that the image of the city transformed, I as a native Muscovite in the fourth generation do not believe in it, because every mayor in the city of shit for his last 30 years. All these people are happy that dispersed the merchants, deprived of their businesses, illegal, from their point of view. And in many ways I agree that these constructions, to put it mildly, not good, but another question. They are all legitimate in terms of the documents issued by the authorities. All this documentation has not been canceled. We will not go into the details of how it was received. Although, if illegally here should work the Prosecutor’s office, and she is silent. Landings among the officials isn’t around, so everything was legal. That is, on the basis of lawful ownership documents and land lease for 20-30 years, one that absolutely does not harmonize with the Constitution, Federal laws and even municipal laws, demolishing everything. And people happy!
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“Liberal discourse” in all its glory

Originally posted by veselo_info at Red rag from the Gref or the Russian answer to the main question.

Original taken from geolight in a Red rag from the Gref or the Russian answer to the main question.

‘ve sworn never to write about politics… But yesterday’s “revelation” Herman Gref too significant for our society. Moreover, it is very convenient for analytical analysis of how we are being manipulated. Brilliant Head German Gref ( hereinafter for brevity simply GG) wrote a report, replete with abstracts, from the shocking truth which many enthusiastically exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Finally at the highest level began to voice the truth! Ur Genius Head!… she’s got a point, you have to listen to her, etc. yeah, you. But not for the fact that you got screwed this time finally and without tilt, and to realize what is happening and to understand where we really need. Among said find two special points:
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