Analysis of acoustic signals bottlenose dolphins showed the potential that they have developed spoken language

Researchers from the Karadag nature reserve, recorded “conversation” between two dolphins with the help they have developed an underwater microphone. After that, the recorded audio signals were thoroughly analyzed. Was also developed a system of analysis of acoustic signals of dolphins that allows you to distinguish between voices of different individuals.
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About (not) exceeding the limits of self-defense

Or about exceeding the limits of necessary defense, because the law is not “self-defense” is “self-defense”. Talk about weapons sooner or later face with this theme, around which there is a lot of speculation and myths.
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the resistance of a material

Original taken from re22ka in the resistance of a material

Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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The groom.

In the life of every woman or girl there comes a time when she wants to get married. But sometimes such a desire women have for a very long time, then come in mom, whining about grandchildren and dads, who tolerate brain mothers, and they are forced to drive daughters married, only to have them rolled back in his old age. Women increasingly build a career, get education, do business, because reliable for us bunch of Cunts, every year less and less. Yes, and universal equality, a constant struggle for women’s rights are doing their job, just sometimes do not even want to mess with another star from the Moscow sky…

She’s beautiful, she’s 35, she sits and looks at me as if rags chooses another or decoration.
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Forgiveness is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. It may be better just not to do those things for which you need to ask forgiveness?

Before death, many people begin to wonder. Everyone thinks about her, someone is sitting in the memory of the bad things that someone says is good, but all United in one way or another, people are thinking only about one thing: is there something there? A man selfish and vain, this is its basic stupidity, he naively believes that it’s necessary to leave something after itself, and really thinks that without him the world would be worse. No matter who you are, king or beggar, the world will not change after your death, there may be some events that will change the map of the world or something, but the scale of the universe, it is only a little spit in the vast ocean. For example, my grandfather once came up to me and put on the table a book about Jesus Christ that was given to me at school in the fifth grade. At the beginning of the 90s our English school came aliens, children of the new Russia, they were brought not only gum, like Huba Buba, but the literature of a religious nature. Then began a new fashion: do not love communism, and to love God. Therefore, the school administration did not oppose this literature. My grandfather was a Communist to the bone, died from a membership card under the pillow, the entire religion knocked out of him in the 37th, so the question: Why did he read it? Then and now, remains a mystery to me.
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In two hours the night Gogol Boulevard completely empty. Summer rain washed and refreshed him, June put on his emerald pajamas, endless Moscow sky was covered with dark blanket, and he prepared to sleep. Tomorrow the Boulevard Wake up and be filled with people tomorrow souls there are sad and to laugh, to meet and to part, it will all be tomorrow, but today, he falls asleep easily inhales the night air and exhales it, occasionally rustling the leaves. Lanterns illuminate the path, stretching into the unknown of existence, they do not prevent it, over the years, he got used to them. Boulevard smiles by the curves of the curbs, laughing at us, over the perishability of our thoughts and feelings, he dreams the faces of people who in his eyes were born, grew old and died. Our tens of years for him only moments ahead of him forever, and we have only oblivion.

From the depths of the Boulevard visible female silhouette, slightly swaying, it is like a boat in the ocean of lanterns floating in the silence of the night. Go on as if afraid to Wake up the Boulevard, to break his rest, afraid to break the serenity and fragility of his beautiful dream.
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What Linux to choose from: the 10 best Linux distributions for notebook, server and home computer

Specialists in free software appreciated of the 10 most popular Linux distributions in terms of ease of installation, commercial support, community support, frequency of updates, ease of administrative tools, stability and performance. Turned stars out Linux Top 10.

Какой Линускс выбрать

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Khovansky inspired.

Summer. The streets are empty, the smell of wet asphalt, which leaves a sprinkler, and greens. I’m going off shift, satisfied, already drunk, waiting for a nice weekend in the company of brunettes, blondes, and possibly some red beast. In which the pocket begins to vibrate the phone while he figured out which of the three pipes, rings, all was quiet. I looked at the screens – missed: Serge.
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In the summer, in the evening, the Park is full of noisy companies, which have a rest after work or study. They drink beer or something stronger, share their problems and remember the past. Strange people, strange country living in the weirdest city in the world. He seems to be changing, and the like, and remains the same, it seems to be filled with people, it seems, on the contrary gets rid of them, changes people on the crowd of beings who are always in a hurry and always late. Just passed the rain has opened a whole palette of scents of spring city. Starts to pull the smell of barbecue out of the ravine, which is located nearby. People insanely strange creature, he seeks to comfort and convenience, and when it reaches it, it starts again drawn to the hardships and difficulties, which is fun. Whether the call of the wild draws us to the meat on the coals, or we just love challenges and can’t do without them.

I sit and smoke drifted though the pine trees that go bald every year. The alley is an elderly couple, a man that passionately proves the wife, she just smiles and says nothing. They pass noisy one company for another, which occupied all the benches, finally they reach me and the old man notices that I’m sitting alone on a bench:
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Water our and other people’s. Part 1.

Original taken from alexandrafl in our Water and others’. Part 1.

A Builder friend once told me about how they fortified the Western Coast of the Crimea. Very often I come across an underground river, out to sea further from the coastline. They are usually not even noticed, but during construction work, these flows created a lot of difficulties and had to be enclosed in pipe. In diameter, sometimes even up to 5000 mm.

Some Crimeans who has a yard and a well in it, through the wells are flowing underground river. This is especially true of those wells which are built in the old German settlers. The water is, of course, never ends. And sometimes there’s even a fish!

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