The Hague refused from the case about the “annexation” of the Crimea


The political elites of today’s misunderstandings under the name “Ukraine” is unprofessional in the amount of insolence and multiplied by greed.
Who to be to substituted in the international arena?

The international criminal court in the Hague (ICC) not to open a criminal case on the conversion of Ukraine concerning the “annexation” of Crimea by Russia. This function is to hear cases related to acts of aggression (e.g., annexation) – the court will only be in 2017.
“This provision is recorded in the Rome Statute, but will come into force in 2017. In November 2017 is to vote about whether we want to strengthen this part of justice or not. Depending on the results of the vote we will know whether it is a crime under the jurisdiction of the court”, – said the official representative of the ICC Fadi El Abdallah.
In addition, to amending the Charter of the court, need to be ratified by the participating countries this document at least 30 countries. The ICC spokesman also said that Ukraine will not be able to go to court even after the entry into force of amendments. “I don’t think it is applicable to facts which were in the past. The events that occurred before the amendment act of aggression will enter into force, will not be considered by the court“- leads the publication the words of Fadi El-Abdallah.

The EU is increasingly beginning to Express their attitude to what is happening on its Eastern borders, which is good. Ever nastanet time for repentance for what was done by Europeans on the Maidan in Kiev in 2014.
What remains to advise masters from Kiev? Only classical:

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