Ukrainization Of Odessa – 1925-26. Chronicle of ethnocide

Original taken from visualhistory in the Ukrainization of Odessa – 1925-26. Chronicle of ethnocide

Note to the right on the header scan is probably the most revealing: “the party ordered everyone to be Ukrainians”.

In modern terminology the policy of Ukrainization qualifies the word “ethnocide”.
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Creeping Ukrainization of Russia

Original taken from mikle1 in Creeping Ukrainization of Russia

The tale of enforced Russification of the Borderlands of the Empire were listening. Actually the problem is not Ukrainization someone there in the South of Russia – the problem of Ukrainization in Russia itself. And do not think that all davo in the past…

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History: As a destroyed Russian World. And this is just a drop of poison in a sea of lies.

Pro Ukrainization of Katerynoslav region

Original taken from varjag_2007 in About the Ukrainization of Katerynoslav region