Microsoft deploys surveillance in Windows 7

Surveillance of Windows 10 under the guise of telemetry known to all. People are just happy a new version of Windows and try not to ask too many questions, not to get unpleasant answers. Smarter people stay on Windows 7, but tightly control the updates and efficiently block malware, which Microsoft is trying procreant telemetry and previous versions of Windows. Liberatum already published a list of these malicious updates.

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The Inevitability Of The Return

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the inevitability of the Return

There are things from which we are completely dependent, but which is entirely dependent on us. Before 2014, Russia was not even thinking about solving the “Ukrainian question”, merely trying to stabilize relations with “brotherly” Ukraine in a mutually beneficial position. However, this desire is not, in principle, could be implemented. The ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, permeated all the pores of the Ukrainian society and the state posits an independent Ukraine only as “Antirossiyu.” The whole point of the existence of the project “Ukraina”.

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Methods of dealing with boils

Original taken from marena99 in Methods of dealing with boils

Furunculosis, rather unpleasant disease, yielding very painful.
Is a pus formation of different sizes.
If it was only pain…
But it’s also spoiled the appearance.
Who likes to look at pus formation, which after healing leave scars?
The causes of boils are varied, from blood disorders and weakened immunity to the gastrointestinal tract.
For treatment of the disease requires a lot of time. And if we assume that not all tools help…
But do not be discouraged, believe in yourself and the disease will retreat.
Consider the most effective methods of treatment of furunculosis, which under force to everyone, and constant application can not only improve the General condition of the patient, but to cure the patient from this unpleasant disease.
1. The propolis. This tool is not only a source of minerals and vitamins, it even enhances the immune system of the patient.
The tincture is as follows: 3 balls of propolis pour 250 grams of vodka (you can brew), are clogging tightly and put in dark and dry place for a week. Take tincture three times a day for 1 tbsp.
2. Celandine. Who lives in the private sector familiar with this plant, but if there is a plant that produce on the cut of the stem yellow juice, which is quite good and cleans the blood. Dried grass celandine is used in the following way: grind up in a coffee grinder into flour and used inside in a month, in the morning on an empty stomach (the dosage is on the tip of a knife). Then should be taken with water.
3. Vitamin D. All known fish oil, besides being a source of healthy fats that have positive effect on the immune skin condition.
4. Brewer’s yeast. A good remedy for healing ulcers, promotes release of suppuration. In addition are a source of vitamin B.
5. Echinacea. Remedy rich in vitamin C. Significantly enhances immunity. Can be purchased at any pharmacy. The price is affordable. Drink as a tea or tincture (1 drop per year of life).
6. Onions. Onion that grows in the gardens. Finely chop or grind using a blender pour 1 Cup of boiled water, insist 2 hours. Use internally, 2-3 SIPS three times a day. Prepare a fresh infusion daily.
7. Aloe. This medicinal flower known to all, usually it grows in a pot on the window grandmothers. Since childhood our mothers treated them from the cold. When it boils eat a small piece of aloe chew and wash down with a glass of water.
All of the above methods directed to enhancing the immune system. None of the above recipes are not dangerous for the body.

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The most useful tips

Original taken from anton_i_masha in the Most useful tips

This post is another piece of great advice I found on the Internet and copied to your backnot called “utility”. I think that many of you will find interesting 😉 I’m always happy to share something good =)

Here, the brothers not only tips for cooking, but a lot of what is useful in everyday life and unforeseen circumstances.

School Of Survival. How to make no more cold feet: the easy way, which saves you in the winter!

Original taken from astori_18 in How to make no more cold feet: the easy way, which saves you in the winter!

You probably noticed that in freezing weather the first thing to get cold feet. Due to slow circulation in the feet quickly become cold, which leads to unpleasant consequences.

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Alcohol and health [Voice Vert Dider]


On the nose the holidays, and with them come (those who drink) and drinks. We decided that in anticipation of the long vacation it would be nice to show you some video from AsapScience about how alcohol and the consequences of its use affect human health. In the first video talking about how alcohol acts on the brain, the second explains the reason for the hangover, and, finally, in the third video, the authors talk about how to get rid of unpleasant feelings in the morning.
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