Intel Joule details

What do Japanese robot bartender, who knows how to maintain a meaningful dialogue with a person, and goggles for Airbus, which protect not only the eyes of the worker from dangerous items, but the aircraft that he assembles from mistakes?

If the answer is difficult, then here’s a hint. They have in common is the same as the French police motorcycle helmet, which recognize the numbers on the transport and shows him who wears it, useful information and e-Panda Bamboo from Microsoft, which knows a lot of foreign languages and is able to analyze emotional expressions.
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Freedom is better than unfreedom. Klimenko: the creation of a single registry of the population — a good thing

20 products, ruthlessly burn fat. Starve for weight loss don’t have to!

To have the perfect shape dreams of any person are overweight. As you know, this definitely needed the exercise and well-planned meals. For everyone who is in the middle of losing weight, the top twenty products will become the lucky trump card. Food that helps burn fat is not a myth. The offered food products help to accelerate metabolism, excrete excess fluid, to regulate digestive processes. All of them contributes to fat burning, we need only to tweak their menu! Make your meal plan of foods that promote weight loss. The result will exceed all expectations.

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The most useful tips

Original taken from anton_i_masha in the Most useful tips

This post is another piece of great advice I found on the Internet and copied to your backnot called “utility”. I think that many of you will find interesting 😉 I’m always happy to share something good =)

Here, the brothers not only tips for cooking, but a lot of what is useful in everyday life and unforeseen circumstances.

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