Common foods that were genetically modified

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is a hot topic around the world. Many European countries refuse GMO products from the USA, the same trend is observed across Africa. Many people are against GMO products and do not understand what they represent. Basically, GMO is an organism that has been modified in the laboratory by introduction of DNA from another organism. This is usually done in order to create plants resistant to pesticides or resistant to pests. While GMO products already exist around us, many people do not know that now is a customer. Therefore, in the United States is taking steps to introduce mandatory labeling of such products.

1. Honey

It is hard to imagine that honey contains GMOs, as it is a product produced by bees. But bees need to get somewhere pollen, and pollen in the United States is going indiscriminately — like plants containing GMOs, and conventional, non-GM, plant. Most often it is corn that has problems with air pollen drift and contamination. Bees all over the world collect pollen from various crops, and farmers engaged in beekeeping, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that their products do not contain GMOs.
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Use the healing properties of Bay leaf: 6 recipes for health

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Certainly, many of You already know that Bay leaf can be used not only for pickling and cooking. It has some very useful properties, which are successfully used medicine. Bay leaf is used to treat diseases of the liver, stomach, joints, to enhance the immune system and not only.

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Zlatoust dishes

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Zlatoust dishes

How wonderful that the values that were created in the distant past, are not only its splendor, but also take the warmth of the hands and the rise of creative inspiration in the history of the Russian town of Zlatoust, which is based with the plant construction.

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Hackers hack baby monitors, terrorizing kids and post on the web their photos

If your little child says that he hears monsters in his room and in the nursery is the radio/baby – better listen to him. In September 2015 the researchers tested a variety of devices in order to monitor the children, and came to the conclusion: almost all of them have vulnerabilities.

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Take in the best stores and pharmacies

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It is well known that in the USSR the sausage was of two sorts – doctoral and toilet paper. But there was nothing else. Was the hunger and empty shelves in stores.

“…I grew up in a remote place. Remember that there were only 2 varieties of sausage: 2 rubles 20 kopecks – Doctoral, and 2 rubles 90 kopecks Name don’t remember it because it seemed expensive, not bought. There was liverwurst on 72 kopecks. But almost nobody bought, except the old guys.
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20 SMS who could write only women

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Women are wonderful, unpredictable and delightful creatures that can surprise even ourselves, to say nothing of the rest of humanity. All the variety a girl’s world is manifested in the TEXTS girls send her friends and foes, men and simply close people.

20 SMS who could write only women. And, you know, they are amazing.
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