Geographical discoveries which were not?


Leaving Spain in 1492, Columbus did not mean to discover America — new sea route to India promised huge profits in the spice trade. Many peasant colonizers of Siberia were in the East not for oil or the forest, and from the master and conscription, in belovode, happy country, rumors which agitated the mind and soul of Russian pioneers. The conquistadors to Wade through the jungle, suffering from malaria and dengue fever, in search of the Golden country of El Dorado. Exploring new lands and seas that had to be the travelers believed that the world is still quite a place for the blessed Hyperboreans, and for people with dog heads. Believed that somewhere along the ants are the size of pigs and unicorns. And what is the island, which after a long journey to finally find shelter. There are fed and watered for free and how much you want, no one is persecuted for their faith, even die. Now, when the map seems to be gone spaces, only and remains that to sum up this happy faith in the amazing, never found by anyone, the city and the country.
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10 Aug 2016. Donetsk. Chronicles night of the armistice, and a summary of Donbass

00:50 the Shelling of the Petrovsky district.
• Sokolovská street in houses damaged glazing.
02:00 Abakumov: close audible gaps.

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It is a monument destroyed 82 children

Original taken from logik_logik in This monument destroyed 82 children

Original taken from rama909 in This monument destroyed 82 children

This sculpture of Marie Uchytilova created in the memory of them. June 10, 1942, SS troops surrounded Lidice; the entire male population older than 16 years (172 people) were executed. Lidicka women (172 people) were sent to the concentration camp ravensbrück (60 of them died in the camp). Of the children (105 persons) had left the children under one year of age and children suitable for Germanization.

The rest (82 people) were killed in the death camp near Chelmno, 6 more children died. All the buildings of the village were burnt and razed to the ground. By the morning of 11 June, the village of Lidice was only a bare ashes. The children were killed, but the memory of them will remain in the form of a monument near the village of Lidice. 82 bronze statues, 40 boys and 42 girls, watching us, and are reminded of the massacre by the Nazis… That you need to remember…

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Politics is a dirty business.

Politics is more dangerous than HIV, Cancer, more dangerous than any most awful Ebola in the world. It strikes not just the body, it strikes the soul and deprives all of humanity, is man to obtain a fraction of power as white and fluffy citizen, he turns into a monster ready to eat anyone who gets in the way, literally and figuratively…

We sit in the gazebo one of the country houses. The evening had just begun, so we are still sober and are quite unintelligible conversation.
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Zhangjiajie national Park or Avatar reality

Original taken from mariovel in national Park Zhangjiajie or “Avatar” in reality

Original taken from masterok in national Park Zhangjiajie or “Avatar” in reality

Remember a place called Pandora, with its fabulous mountains from the movie “Avatar” James Cameron? Turns out she actually exists and all the sketches for the film was done here in the Park Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 湖南张家界国家森林公园).Of course,there are the soaring cliffs and waterfalls, unusual,alien creatures, or an unusual animal from a movie you will not meet,but these stunning landscapes for a long time will crash into your memory and the photos will impress friends and acquaintances.,
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Forgiveness is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. It may be better just not to do those things for which you need to ask forgiveness?

Before death, many people begin to wonder. Everyone thinks about her, someone is sitting in the memory of the bad things that someone says is good, but all United in one way or another, people are thinking only about one thing: is there something there? A man selfish and vain, this is its basic stupidity, he naively believes that it’s necessary to leave something after itself, and really thinks that without him the world would be worse. No matter who you are, king or beggar, the world will not change after your death, there may be some events that will change the map of the world or something, but the scale of the universe, it is only a little spit in the vast ocean. For example, my grandfather once came up to me and put on the table a book about Jesus Christ that was given to me at school in the fifth grade. At the beginning of the 90s our English school came aliens, children of the new Russia, they were brought not only gum, like Huba Buba, but the literature of a religious nature. Then began a new fashion: do not love communism, and to love God. Therefore, the school administration did not oppose this literature. My grandfather was a Communist to the bone, died from a membership card under the pillow, the entire religion knocked out of him in the 37th, so the question: Why did he read it? Then and now, remains a mystery to me.
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29.07.16. The official summary of last night from MO DNR and LC NM.


“Ukrainian militants last night fired at the Petrovsky district in West Donetsk from artillery shells caliber 122 and 152 mm. this DAN reported today a source in law enforcement agencies the DNI. “Around 01:50 the Ukrainian side started the shelling of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.
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26.07.16. Morning summary from the militia and the official reports from the MO DNR and LC NM.

well, as always – no losses – ???

Message from the militia (night summary):
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Construction of bridges on different banks of the Amur river

Original taken from 5cek in the Construction of bridges on different banks of the Amur river

Here is now the railway bridge the village of Nizhneleninskoye–Tongjiang city. Agreement on its construction was signed at the highest level in 2013. The Chinese are building 1800m, Russians — 390м. In February 2014, was laid the first stone. Commissioning planned in mid-2016.
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