Want to return to Russia

Writes zazerkaliya : “Living abroad for 17 years. Everyone is always happy, and now all is well. But lately more and more often I catch myself thinking that I want to Russia. I want to move to Belgorod or in the area, I have relatives there, from there my roots. I want to translate mom, she is now in another city lives.

But if without jokes: what are the dangers of raw food diet

Originally posted by matveychev_oleg at 15 reasons never to go on a raw food diet

Сыроедение - это не диета, а определенная система питания. Почему все больше людей становятся ее приверженцами и говорят о пользе сыроедения для здоровья?

All write about why it is necessary to go on a raw food diet. And I will write why not! :))))
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Isbyte sin 2. Justification of the pale of humanity

I started to discuss the structure of Goethe’s Faust from the point of view of the order of writing scenes and parts of this tragedy. I tweaked the last time I call this work a poem. Accept, although reading criticism and reviews about Faust, I see its comparison with the Homeric poems. Well, tragedy, tragedy.
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Two tablets, two of Russia?

A sign to the executioner Mannerheim in Leningrad, still clear of the green stuff and paintthat “grateful” residents pay tribute to this henchman of Hitler. That is to say, “walk of fame” for Medina cornets and lieutenants Rogozin, coupled with the Small and the Generalissimo, chief officer Prosvirnin.
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Music page of 1 July

I usually leave the music on Saturday. But, unfortunately, the word “normally” has already become contrary to the irregularity of doing my journal. So I decided to put a music page today. Partly, it is connected with the Faust, to the discussion which I already started in anticipation of Lika on it.
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