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The crisis is not a reason to defer purchases. Money depreciates faster than the technology (so that there is a technique of buckwheat view). The difference in rates is not the same as before. But abroad you can find products with a lower cost than in Russia. The American market offers the best quality service and high quality goods. The problems start at the stage of delivery in Russia and CIS countries. Our service Pochtoy.com take the shipment for themselves, and deliver a welcome package in just 7-15 days directly to the apartment — much faster than any South-Eastern of the country.
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Revolt in Turkey: first impressions

It so happened that the acute phase of the coup, I watched Twitter (and some people). The corner of his eye caught breaking news in the tape, and then went to bed, until it became clear that the coup breaks. That is, in my estimation, everything was decided about eleven Friday night, two Saturday night (Moscow time), July 16.
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The cards in the hand. The Syrian opposition welcomed the decision of Putin to withdraw troops from Syria

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Bishops ‘ Council (1)

It is very symbolic that this Cathedral takes place almost a century after the fateful Cathedral 1917-1918 biennium, about which I wrote. No one said that the bishops ‘ Council of 2016 is comparable with the local Council. But the situation today is very disturbing. Again decided the fate of Russia. And again on how it is resolved will determine the fate of the world.

2 February 2016 in Moscow began the work of the bishops ‘ Council of Russian Orthodox Church.
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CO2 sensor — a device which can tell you when to ventilate, so it was thought better


Remember, on habré in section GTD was a curious article from BarsMonster about that, other than laziness, procrastination and problems with scheduling can interfere with effective work and life?
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Motivators, demotivators about priests and the Church

Demotivators about Orthodoxy, on the subject of people’s attitudes toward the Orthodox priests and the Orthodox Church. After all, these two relationships are inextricably linked. We prefer to call them motivators.

Welcome all kinds of copying and distribution on the Internet.

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Venezuela: the revolution must be able to defend themselves.

On the eve of elections in Venezuela deployed Plan “Republic”, designed to provide a peaceful flow is so important for the country Chavez elections. You know who owns the phrase “Every revolution is only worth something if it can defend itself…”? It Was Lenin. And Venezuela is mindful of this lesson. Let’s see how:
1. To ensure the security of the elections of the Bolivarian national voorujennyh forces (FANB) 163 mobilized thousands of military. The opposition has already said the election under the bayonets)) As it is known on the Crimean referendum…

2. But this army of people, look at their faces, it’s simple guys from the provinces, not mercenaries. The ranks are under the plate where is written the names of the States of Venezuela.

3. General view of show of force aimed at saditty people from clearly impending provocations.

4. Is the Minister of defense of Venezuela.

5. In the meantime, Maduro completes the election campaign. Nothing formal, Krsna sweatshirt, closeness to the people. And this is not hypocrisy and bigotry, Maduro as he is.

6. Two minutes ago, Maduro shook hands of people, ordinary people. Now welcomes his people.

7. But at the same time employees of the Venezuelan Corporation PDVSA hold a rally to support the government in the upcoming elections. They, of course, were kicked out under threat of dismissal. Anything else is just imagination is not enough to submit. But I dare to disappoint, came out voluntarily in an attempt to protect social gains of the Bolivarian revolution.

Waiting for the elections.

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