Sharansky about the gay parade

Once there was a gay pride parade, which gathered a lot nepolzhivye intellectuals, rukopozhatnyh journalists and hipsters. There was a well without any fence, and it fell. He was yelling so loud, but the parade was so big, the noise was such that no one heard him. At this time one of the hipster came to the well — he wanted to make his background a selfie and post it on instagram. Hipster looked down and found the man who shouted, cried and said: “have Pity on me, save me quickly!”
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Don’t leave…

Barking at night makes you Wake up. I raise a dog with diapers and bear in the corridor, where I put him on his feet, fills the tray, and he begins to urinate. While I clean up the tray, he lies and breathes heavily. Bring the bowl and the pills. Keep it, that it does not fall while eating and drinking. Cleaned. Lay the new diaper and I’ll be bringing the dog into the bedroom… After a couple of hours he would bark all through the night…

Ambulance flies through the city streets and avenues are buried in the snow, as usually someone does not pass, and some actually good.
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Someone’s morning begins at 6 am, someone 9, someone in 12, and I sleep for up to three days. After a three-day binge need to sleep. I Wake up to the fact that someone hits me in the cheeks. Me stands an elderly man in a suit and with wild eyes.

– Yes, woke up, woke up, enough in the face to beat me…- shrug I
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