Miroslav Berdnik: I am accused of terrorism, and I was just saying what I think

Original taken from t_34_111 in Miroslava Berdnik: I am accused of terrorism, and I was just saying what I think

Alexander Chalenko,columnist Ukraina.ru:– Remember how police searched your apartment. How it all began?

— I have serious health problems. A few years ago I was given a very difficult diagnosis, then was in connection with the operation. I was first given a disability, but then the Kiev doctor, which on the table in the reception room stood the check boxes of the social-nationalist party “Svoboda”, did everything to ensure that I took it, calling me an enemy of the Ukrainian people.

And all because of our dispute over the renaming of Likhachev Boulevard, the famous Director of the automobile plant. I remember saying to him: on released its factory cars traveled half of Ukraine, why should be renamed to Boulevard Mary Pryimachenko.
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Theoretically possible space mega structure

Perhaps the bulk of science fiction for all time of its existence — since the “Flight to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes” by Jules Verne — one way or another operates the Grand products of the scientific-engineering thoughts. With the development progress expanded the boundaries of imagination of scientists and writers, and today in science fiction and fantasy literature already described engineering structures which are in scale and audacity of the plan deserve the term “mega structure”. We decided to collect a kind of the rating of such structures. With some of them you already know, and some will be new.
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On the mutual pride of generations with each other

In Russia the traditional notions of the family was not given the chain of generations to crumble until the end. Peregrev the exuberance of youth, the youth suddenly discovers the ideals of their parents. I can see different young people of different ages. Not all, but many, entering the age of men, suddenly begin to speak on topics and the language, and against whom was directed the liberal propaganda of the last quarter century.
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Russian writer raised funds for a new tale of crowdfunding and put the work in open access


The famous Russian author Leonid Kaganov, whose works are regularly remembered in kommentariyah of Hikima and Habra (e.g. story Wedge in geektimes.ru/company/dronk/blog/278172 or Magic in the comments geektimes.ru/post/196348) published on its website a new story:
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Unexpected Chekhov

The idol of our intellectuals Anton Chekhov was an active slag. Loved this case and artilleriiskii officer Leo Tolstoy. Fun living poet Pushkin even the list led their copulations.

But the real, artistic and beautiful book about love created in the Russian literature only Ivan Bunin. This “Dark alleys”. Tolstoy has poisoned your experience of moralizing in “Anna Karenina” and “Resurrection.” But the Czechs kept silent, sterile “the lady with the dog doesn’t count”…
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Akutagawa, Kurosawa – and Russian history.

Original taken from radmirkilmatov in Akutagawa, Kurosawa – and Russian history.

No need to be a fan of Japanese culture to be considered a great movie by Akira Kurosawa’s “rashomon”the story of Ryunoske Akutagawa “In the thicket”. The first viewers were shocked. In 1951 the film unknown Japanese first got the Grand Prix of the festival in Venice and, later, Oscar, and the Director has become a recognized classic.

The plot seems to be very simple. In the forest killed the samurai.
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