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Withvereen the script of the cartoon Pet Goat 2 with reality

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News broadcasts are more interesting than the other one.

News from here:

Sunday, February 1, on the website of the London Institute of Francis Crick, it was reported that this scientific institution has received from the British government a permit for genetic modification of human embryos.

look at the video:

there is such a frame:

эмбрион человека в змеином яйце 2015

The embryo is human is locked in the serpent’s egg in 2016.

All the while on the plan.

Other news from here:

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia and the Pope will meet for the first time in history.

“In view of the visit of the Patriarch from 11 to 22 February in Latin America and the visit of the Pope to Mexico, will host their meeting in Cuba”, — said the Metropolitan.

Cuba in our interpretation of the cartoon is a Latino who is drowning in green slime.
According to the scenario of the cartoon first Latin guy that poured the green goo (money, or more precisely, in dollars, after the lifting of sanctions and mud is poured), then throw together this muck fake truth — a marsh Lily is the Lotus.
There is an assumption that the JOINT visit of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and of the Pope to Cuba is attempting to push through with the flow of the green stuff $ false ideas. Cuba is the only remaining country that has not yet fully formed under dollar values, it is the last island of the Soviet project in the world that still shines, though not quite bright, showing others that the mountain of relationships based not on money but on cooperation and mutual assistance can work in this world, is almost entirely passed on jetskie relations based on competition, mutual devouring and personal gain.
Global system it is very important that a handful of mountain in Cuba has abandoned its ideas itself, for that purpose in our opinion and coming Kirill and Pope Francis on Cuba 12.02.106.
This temptation of Cubans or their verification on “lice”, as you like it. And not only Cubans, but of all conscious incarnate mountain.
What for the cause and hooked up the ROC and the Vatican says about the great importance given by the planners of this operation. It is a matter of spirit, not of money or material power.
We wish the Cubans successfully pass the gut check. A successful audit will affect the world as a whole in the direction of slowing his slide into full Sesto and vzaimoponimanie, increasing the chances to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance throughout the world.

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