The collapse of a utopia of diversity

Many probably noticed that the last week or two our city is covered with cartoon “Zeropolis”. The trailer, which Bunny and the Fox are attending some official institution, state, staffed by sloths, it seemed promising. “Pussies are for children, and our brother will entertain the social satire” — I thought. Basically, the forecast was justified

Spoiler # 1: cartoon never about socium. The chief evil is represented savagery secondary citizens.

In the end, no one is not confused, the children read books about the adventures of animals. If we can get the kids to only play with dolls, no Teddy bears, bunnies and other soft products? No. As well as the expulsion of a pet volovicheva will not help. Fable on the human vices and no one is looking at them biological plausibility. Animals are needed in order to accentuate the specific qualities of people. The situation is a little more difficult works of older authors, such as Ernest Seton-Thompson, Henry Williamson, Konrad Lorenz, but more on that another time (General idea can be gleaned here).

What you get from watching children? First entertainment. It is a decent story about friendship and overcoming obstacles, with a more or less complied with the framework of the “6+”. No love stories, no mixed couples, a lot of friendship, correction of harmful traits, savvy, perseverance and the correct alignment of communication. You can safely intensifitsiruetsa with the main character and learn her tricks.

Personally, I liked how she “breaks the ice” appearing in a strange new companies. Resilience in the face of danger is also a matter of respect.

Cons. In the cartoon there is really a bluish leopard, suffering from obesity (“you should not tease other people for their obvious flaws) and the collision with the nudists. Yes, fly in the ointment. The genitals are not drawn, and the characters show clear signs of disgust when confronted with the subject. Some flies, constantly swirling over the most enlightened character in a nudist colony for much.

Why episode? Then, to show that cultural animals to go without clothes is indecent. (Somewhere in the cartoon that’s the message in plain text.) And secondly, that the heroes were able to demonstrate self-control in the performance of official duties.

Today’s world is filled with abominations, gays, and other genders, and the negative assessment of nudists on the part of the characters matters. However, without the episode with the nudists cartoon would really have lost nothing.

What we get at the end: interpretation of the topic of equality in spite of differences based on culture (on – level). Gender impact and distortion at an acceptable level, estimates are given inside the products, the rest is easy to distinguish and can be further clarified.

Unlike the cartoon, was unpleasantly surprised by the selection of commercials before. It would seem that if you are going to show the kids cartoon category 6+, why turn before the trailers from twelve and older?

If to speak about the subject of psychological examination (one of the directions of activities of all-Russian Parental Resistance →, I would have noticed a cartoon based on the game “Angry Birds”. Gender propaganda, laced with the Finnish physiological humor (Oh, those blessed views of the West about the culture of kindergarten!) made an extremely repulsive impression.

What is Zeropolis, the layer for adults?

In my opinion, the collapse of the American social dream.

First, in the original language the film is called “Zootopia”. “A utopia for animals, in our opinion. Second, rolling the Russian transcription — “Zeropolis” too entertaining “shines” in the original language. Even those who have not seen the trailer, with the first scene realizes that the main character (a cute zaychiha) from childhood dreams to go to work in the police. Do you think in this situation you can drive around the topic of “police brutality”?

Judging by the content RT, the brutality of the police is one of the most striking trends of social life in the current USA. In the film, Bunny, distinctly alien and fantastic, is the only bright spot in the police. Where here to talk about the social optimism…

In addition to the brutal cops in the cartoon are very natural office hamsters, which the hero of the second plan talent vparivaet new iPhone a “product of a high degree of redistribution.” There is a rather unexpected solution to the topic of corrupt officials. Sloth in the official institution one really not surprising, but the authors went further and modeled the behavior of this character behind the wheel. And the machine corresponding… Perhaps it’s even good that the children’s movie, the final credits fall just before the beginning of the dialogue with DPS

The main theme of the cartoon is “social diversity”. The plot of the story is that a small, but lively, though a herbivore, the rabbit wants to be a COP. Nobody understands, because the local police (as well as top managerial staff) traditionally comes with a carnivorous staff.

The fact that local utopia rests on the indissoluble Union of the lion and the lamb” (for clarity, they are presented to kids in the form of a maned mayor of Zeropolis and his fussy lamb-Secretary). Carnivores and herbivores live together, a city adapted to the needs of each species (including climatic zones, the triple door (for large, medium and small game), ramps and strollers… Oh, sorry, that’s another utopia.

An ideal, a dream which holds all this beauty in the fact that any beast can deal with the work in which he is interested, and no biological limitation. For example, even a Bunny can become a police officer.

Corrosive “techies” is now probably began to wonder: “what do they eat?”

Misleading, Bunny eats carrots. In the frame there is a variety of plant foods, ice cream and pastries. And however much I strain my memory, I can’t remember in shot any birds, fish or lizards, not to mention worms and clams. So, apparently, “the pale of humanity” carried out on mammals.

While typing, I thought, very sweet — the conflict takes place within a single class. The Marxist point of view on social issues is derived from the equation. We offer a solution more acceptable to modern Western agenda — “hunters and game.” As expected in a capitalist society, the source of evil — not a predator.

What holds together the Zoological society shown in the movie “Zeropolis”? You will be surprised, but besides the author’s arbitrariness, attentive audience clearly, what keeps its culture. Animal society lives and works only as long as everyone behaves like human beings, and there is something greater that unites them. Bunny dreams of equality with the rhinoceros and lions to be freed from biological bondage. It is a pity that the creative goals she puts in front of him… However, Disney is far away to sverhtermicheskoy cartoons.

Alas, in the presentation for the kids, culture is reduced to manners.

On a superficial level, the main characters are exceptionally polite. They are nice and clean say, of course, without interjections and unintelligible sounds, which sometimes annoy their audience, which is from six and over. Guess what translators do not contribute, the more that the Disney Studio itself monitors the quality of the translation of their products.

Further, the dramatic conflict revolves around animals who have lost the ability to talk (plus a traditional animation feature – the human eye structure). In the dramatic story nothing just happens, and the plot leads us to the fact that the animals don’t run wild by themselves.

Do you expect secondary issues savagery in the cultural environment of the American cartoon category 6+? I don’t. Therefore, the review…

Issues of diversity are pretty navyazla in the teeth of modern Western man. In my opinion, the task of bringing it to the kids solved “Zeropolis” is quite correct.

First made man, his dream and work. If Bunny wants to be a COP, that Bunny needs to learn to make my own everything from the police objectively required. Including sparring with the Rhino and other fiction. Perfectly illustrated the resistance of the medium, from which a young man tries to escape. When Bunny was appointed to write Parking tickets, her kind mother admires: “it’s the safest position!”

Spoiler No. 2

The politically correct administration who handle dragging citizens “features” in an inappropriate, stressful conditions, end up the focus of all evil and the direct offender, the destroyer of utopia.

Finally, gender in the cartoon is present at the minimum, all of the normal family, mom, dad, and one of a kind. Predict that in future episodes of the franchise (if they are) gender diversity will increase, because with the fall class of performers is always enhanced by linked component of the creative process. And one visit to the nudist colony, the heroes do not get off.

Yet humanism quite managed to win. Bunny with a Fox perfectly make friends, can work together, but it is clear that family units in this world are formed naturally.

Heroes holds together culture, language, clothing, shared purpose and the human eye. Beasts, which, because of the wiles of the evil forces lose their humanity, lose their intelligent appearance and human speech. Begin to attack the culture of inhabitants of Zeropolis and become a problem for ideological enforcement.

By the way, interesting, noble but absent-minded mayor (lion), trying to control the situation, placing the wild in the private prison somewhere in the suburbs (well, not on a separate island like Guantanamo Bay or the ruins of alien utopia, a sort of modern Eastern Europe).

Even more interesting that guarding a secret facility (or laboratory for inhuman research, yeah) — wolves.

Wolves in the cartoon have, overall, rumpled appearance (disheveled, jackets with the collar up, anxious) and endowed with behavioral characteristics of creatures, collectively struggling with a strong addiction. Wolves have a bad habit. Howling wolves. And in these moments completely lose their capacity.

Naturally, should a wolf howl in the post, it is more conscious friend uttered:

— What are you doing? We’re here to conquer all!

If they had more screen time, probably would have detected anonymous psychotherapeutic group and the program “12 steps” to addiction recovery.

The importance of culture is emphasized to the young audience a few times. “Can you imagine, he was naked, growled and rushed at us” describe your first meeting with a feral citizen, colleagues do not believe.

Reduction culture in the film is due, I think, two factors. One obvious and lies on the surface: a cartoon for kids. Complicated concepts will not work.

The second is more complex. The fact that Western society has long been built on a differentiated approach to culture. Classes were not invented by the Bolsheviks and proletarians, to now screaming criticism of communism. Classes invented by the elite to filter out from your circle of friends unnecessary people. In the stories with costumes from Shakespeare’s time, noble person always giving refinement, certain manners. The fairy tale about the Princess and the pea, in fact about it.

People of higher class must know each other in tone and pattern of behavior. And no one never bother to give a high culture for everyone. Should be rules of conduct followed by polite people. Where did this come from, the metaphysics of music or of painting, and here Aeneas, and other problems — none of your business. High culture for all — this is pure Russian Communist folly beginning of XX-th century. Must think, “lured to the suit” within the whole country.

However, if high culture is esoteric, no melting pot (not to mention multiculturalism), is impossible. People never come to humor, respect others, keep yourself in some limits. Where they come from, these frames? Who pulls the rules? Why exactly are these people? Ah, we are all equal, and they spetsializiruyutsya. Clear. But what is power? The relationship of culture and power carefully, for centuries, derived from the area of attention, and that means “dark people” there is only tyranny. We see him in the endless revolutions of minorities.

Try humanly to communicate with any street LGBT activist. Very rarely can these people produce the intellectual impression. But Dolce and Gabbana do not go to meetings, and even not welcome gay marriage. So that’s the snag to burn human asset.

If high culture is esoteric, then the mass of the inhabitant of the Western world can not, should not have the idea spread in, say, early Soviet society, and never departed later. Remember? Cultural leisure for the ordinary Soviet people. It seems that even the same idioms in the English language there.

The lack of mass understanding of the norms of cultural behaviour (in utopia whose survival directly depends on this!) regularly makes itself felt in the cartoon. In fact, if you look for a flaw or a substitution in the cartoon, she’s in it. The ideal and dream we slip society, in an obvious way, disintegrating under the weight of its own contradictions.

The main character of these problems with the cultural level there, but their colleagues are not. The police are quite brutal animals (rhinos, wolves, etc.), at the morning briefing they manage to show their wild habits: meet the bosses rhythmic hoot, stomp their feet. In General, bad guys. The bosses police (Buffalo) continuously bykuet, there is rudeness, no self-control.

For example, the author of these lines it is obvious that the norm, the presence of women in the company to facilitate communication. For example, domestic drillers, too, people are pretty wild, but in the dining room of the barracks, in the presence of the cook, they sometimes look like angels. Well, such “shoot”…

In my opinion, the police Department, the appearance of a flawless, professional and energetic Bunny should benefit. In the American cartoon, the situation develops in a completely different direction. The Western version of equality, judging by the cartoon, suggests that the whole police unit will continue to display their worst qualities in the presence of girls. And the only being capable of cultural dialogue will be bluish leopard with signs of obesity in the guard unit.

Can a society survive if in the security structure, which determines its survival and integrity (“police”) cultural norms are lower than in General? In my opinion, this sentence. Who wants the real thing to understand about the police, I recommend to revise the “mini-series” (as it is now called) “Born by revolution”.

Blue leopard is a conflict of mental contamination. The leopard is the “thingy” (represented Seleucia “program on the tablet”), and towards the end of the movie it turns out that it is not alien even bykovatye the chief of police. Frankly, for my taste, it is easier to explain to the child the importance of control over their own attention to this episode, because the tablet is for the modern parent in Russia is much bigger problem than the blue with their “fishechkami”. The students can just point a finger and say that drug dealers are about the same.

Distracted for a second, to indicate the difference in the development of people and material environment. Police Department is a spacious office with huge reception area, a shiny bar and a gallery with railings. The story is not different from a five-star hotel in some futuristic capital of the Imperium. Here in the entourage of the wild creatures are not able to behave in polite society.

However, the cultural, but the persistent Bunny immediately gives all the heat.

First things first between the Bunny and a fat leopard is specially didactic dialogue about how must work with the features in the cultural Western society. The bold leopard cannot be called “fat”, and Bunny tease about the ears.

I see nothing wrong with good manners, if not to reach possession. A positive trait of the main character, in that she correctly establishes the relationship. “They want to be considered cultural, don’t pull my braids.”

We have in the life of a Bunny is not easy. All her best qualities are constantly exposed to testing. Generally it is very sound, but in times of stress and strong confusion inadvertently knocks the foot. Otherwise human appearance not to lose. The authors carefully illustrate the model of man as a thin film culture on a biological basis.

Culture works wonders, builds cities, and enables different creatures to live together and not eat each other. As long as one of the jerks of the group decides to use equity in their favor. And it stops in front of dehumanizing those they do not like. In my opinion, on the materials and the six-year-olds to explain the problem of inequality (equal does not mean identical), dehumanization, and go out and fight for power based on the idea of inequality (fascism).

Interesting also that the authors are not shy to show a deeply held disbelief in human equality, which breeds in the depths of their own social utopia. “The main role of the second plan” — sly Fox, which took in the boy scouts, because nobody believes the blatant red face”. The first meeting of the main characters comes at a time when it appears that the situation is naturally reproduced in adult life: still no one believes, though he has learned to cope with it.

The basis for conversation about the collapse of the utopia I see is that in addition to bunnies, no one, in fact, does not believe in “freedom to become what you want if you work hard and obey the law.” What keeps society? If Bunny is the only one who holds the norm, it should become a dictator and run everything in accordance with its views. She, by the way, the good makings in terms of “by hook or by crook” push their ideas.

Zaychiha repeats his mantra, more often than didactic passages about “features”. Very bright I see conditional script and desperate, repeated the cry: “I believe in a society of equal opportunities for all! Believe it! Believe-Yu-Yu!”

Spoiler No. 3

The main enemy in the film are jerks sheep, who decide to use equal opportunity to his own benefit. Sheep, by the way, the only heroes of the movie, which never got from the artist the human eye. Sheep use of selective dehumanization of unwanted predators, in order to isolate them and then take power (“after all, we are much more”).

By the way, in front of us:
* dehumanization of the society for the sake of power
* reliance on stupid and aggressive

To paraphrase Mussolini: “We are fascists!” — in the film. But Bertolt Brecht, I believe, touched the consciousness of the author of the script.

As expected “fashistoidnogo groups, a minority, they occupied all the leadership positions” assigned to a terrible aggressor and the source of all evils.

And I’m talking about palestinesi, not about fascism because the sheep that view stress as something implicitly. Just keep it together.

Again, we send out an alarm signal: “Diversity beyond the coast due to careless sheep who are willing to hide behind anything to get to power.”

Someone’s painful seems. Mussolini of the twenty-first century wears a gray jacket with skirt, bangs and thick glasses. I agree that after “GI Jane” — a plot device in which the source of evil is promoting equality schemer, can be considered a standard.

And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Zeropolis” will be the Swan song of Western humanism. As “guest from the future” for the Soviet cultural type in the late Soviet era. In 1985, it was clear what was coming, but Bulychev managed to “give a signal”. Painfully, nervously telling us about a society of equal opportunities for all.

PS by the Way, the ad unit appeared advertising cartoon about a space in which the younger generation need to suppress the hatred between different generations senior to humanity could reach the moon. Also an interesting topic. Something is happening with Hollywood. The last five years, annually appears at major space film. But at some point it seemed that the topic has firmly been forgotten.

P. S. S. In contrast to the Soviet space, American space, NASA and all that jazz it is difficult to separate from figure of Werner von Braun. But, as they say, is another story.

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