The collapse of the Internet is expected seven years

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Comfortable life related to the development of the Internet may soon come to an end. The bandwidth of communication channels in the coming years will no longer deal with the growing need of the population of the planet in quick information, scientists warn. There is a possibility that fiber optic cables will not withstand the load on the network.

The heyday of the Internet TV, including live TV, as well as the growing power of computers increased load on servers and network cables to a critical level. To them in recent years added numerous smartphones and tablets, which need fast Internet.

Over the last decade, engineers have managed to increase the capacity of fiber optic cables 50 times. In 2005, the maximum Internet speed was up to 2 megabits per second. Today is widely used speed of 100 megabits. But scientists claim that the power infrastructure has reached its peak: the cables can not pass a larger amount of information.
As stated by the co-organizer of the meeting of the Royal society Professor Andrew Ellis, save the Internet from the global collapse can only be a substantial cost increase. “We in the laboratory have reached a possible limit: fiber-optic cables will not pass more data. The intensity data so great that trying to increase the capacity is like trying to Eclipse the sun. The development of the market leaves us six to eight years. But for eight years we won’t be able to solve this problem. Demand instantly catches offer and is growing by the minute. It is very difficult to be ahead; it was possible for us for several years, but today we have reached a point at which could go no farther,” — said the scientist.
Ellis noted that prices for Internet services will grow rapidly until, until you manage to find a radical solution.
Fiber optic is a flexible transparent tube of a thickness less than a human hair, are made of materials with the properties of glass or polymers. The information transformed into light waves is received along the cable to the receiver and back to transformirovalsya information. The volume of light that can carry the cable, are great, but limited. Still with the increasing demand of the Internet company just sent all of large amounts of data for each cable until, until they have reached the limits of its capacity. The company may lay additional cables, but it’s double the cost of the Internet. Moreover, the data transmission requires as much electricity as the aviation industry, and accounts for 2% of global energy consumption. In General, the Internet industry consumes about 8% of global electricity generation. With increasing speed of the Internet and the laying of new cables is growing and the consumption of electricity.
“If we increase fiber optic network, in 15 years we will be without electricity,” said Andrew Ellis. — People will have to make a choice: expensive electricity for electric cars or the Internet.”

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