The collapse of the Ukrainian information “Gestapo”

Start with the unimportant and uninteresting, at first glance, the fact that one of the Vice-head of the “Ministry of truth” (the state propaganda organ headed by the godfather of the President Yuri Stec) Tatiana Popova resigned. And in a sign of protest against violations of journalists ‘ rights, pressure from the state on the independent media.” No special resonance this move did not cause. All discuss some skirmishes with other fighters under the building Obolon court, where injured national guard and new police officers. Well, filed Popov resigned and, as they say, to hell with it. Who is she? This is the most interesting.
Just imagine the following picture: one of the Deputy chief of the Gestapo, known to us in the role of comrade Armor in the form of Papa Muller, resigns from office. In protest against the atrocities and abuse of prisoners subject to inhumane torture, degrading their honor and dignity. Here is the same thing: one of the leaders of the “Minstetsya”, known for his almost animal Russophobia, “maydanutaya” just to the bone, an ardent fanatic of the construction of the filtration camps for migrants from “Daunbass” and “Lugandon”, was dismissed from the Ukrainian equivalent of the Gestapo.

The formal reason for the dismissal was the disagreement with the publication of personal data on the site “Peacemaker” – a cistern of the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov, whose activities it oversees transgender assistant Anton (Antonin) Gerashchenko. Like Tanya against it. Actually, the reason not at all important. Just “Minstets”, created a year and a half ago, is falling apart. Advocacy body mandated to establish a unified information front against the aggression of the Kremlin”, led inadequate (in all respects) the chief-editor of “the 5th channel” (owned by Poroshenko) Stec, safely dead, unable to bear the burdens of information war with Russia.
The last straw was the dressing, hosted by the furious Valtsmanom Stec on the mountain with a symbolic name Karachun: “George, m…where’s the tower?!!”. Stets, who for several years worked with Poroshenko as head of the “5th channel”, promised three months to restore broadcasting of Ukrainian channels in Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea. He colorfully painted politismou the President as a “ray of truth” into the minds of the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories”, “burning” out the propaganda the installation of the Kremlin and turn Luhansk and Donetsk into an obedient herd, happily jumping under the yellow-Blakytny flag.
It took more than a year, and neither restored the cell towers, including on the mountain Karachun near Slavyansk or convenience FM broadcast or widely publicized “a unified multimedia platform” for doing “hybrid information war with Russia” no. Nothing…a minute, no, including money allocated from the budget, sponsors, and “diasporas”.
Cheap charged radio transmitters stets allegedly received free from Poland to resume broadcast on “occupied territory”, actually turned out to be expensive Studio equipment, in fact, contraband delivered to the territory of Ukraine and sold for cash radiogroup “Tavr media” (enters into media holding oligarch Viktor Pinchuk). Great bargain!
The concept of “platform” has been allocated about one million dollars. Among the largest Grantmakers – the Netherlands Embassy and the Soros Foundation “Vidrodzhennya”. For the money you long and qualitatively, to engage in “concept” in the Bahamas. And on “Bentley” will remain. Cheap. No one, except for Stec, do not know what exactly was the “highlight of the concept.” As the report on the done work” was “presented” service “foreign broadcast national radio”. Supposedly, it was rebranded and all pensioners-leading (average age 60+) are broadcasting in new media platform, including “on the Internet”. Donors have roptali, began to use some mysterious marketing terms like “naebalovo!”.
Huge rusty basin was covered with a botnet of patriots, who day and night sitting in tyrnete and undermine the psychological state of “Russian terrorists and the staff of the Kremlin.” All were laughing, reading the “instructions” that “Minstets” sent out to everyone via e-mail. Type “be vigilant and don’t send separatists and bring them into the conversation. Clever, do not say anything.
A plan to create on the basis of “Crimean Tatar TV channel” ATR Ukrainian analogue “Layfnyuz”? It all came down to the fact that Emine Tatar dzhaparova became Deputy Stec, knocked out of the national Council on frequencies licensed to “Tatar broadcasting and rushed. Tatars twist American series and films without any license and payment, as in dashing the nineties an enterprising cable operators. To all the comments reacts violently, shouting about “the repression of the Kremlin.”
Stets in December, wanted to be on skis. He allegedly did not hold on to his seat. However, to leave Yure not given, because someone has to be responsible for the failure. Apparently, time to fucking stories of information has already arrived.
“Ministry of truth” created with fanfare, hysteria and squealing, turned into a “community embezzlers, thieves and adventurers”. Although, judging by the published functional responsibilities of employees “Minstetsya” supposed “to counter Kremlin propaganda”.
Currently just two structures claim to be “advocates” of Ukraine. The Ministry of internal Affairs and security Service of Ukraine. Arsen Avakov and Vasiliy Gritsak compete in the struggle for control of the ua. Cops are despicable and brazenly. The project “Peacemaker” – this is their idea of “propaganda in a free society”. The SBU is trying to be more refined. The result is very hilarious. Take at least a joint project of the SBU and the Gur MO Ukrainian intelligence reports”.
Why welled “Minstets”? Yes, it is stealing and the guys are doing. But this is not important: the American and the Europeans are willing to invest in the stultification of the local zombie masses to create a zone of instability on the border with Russia. When I went to the first “tranche”, “Minstets” was an unnecessary link. That’s all. So came the crash of Ukrainian information Gestapo.
Alexander Zubchenko

Translated by Yandex Translate