The country accumulated skeletons

And what will happen next? Then in twenty years, thirty? Former fighters Arbatov will remain “heroes ATO”, and will tell the children about their “exploits”?

At first I thought it was wells,

Then I thought that this is the tomb,
Now I think this is simple
The corpses lying here and there.
Egor Letov

“We talked about what our parents did during the war. This question was just met with silence. They gave us the Marshall plan, we have built our economy, we have really started to live. Our life was prosperous, but our recent history was a taboo” — a German independent film Director Ulrich Hayden, Creator of the film “rapid fire” about the Odessa tragedy, describes life in post-war Germany.
Long ago has become common place to assume that the main victim of the Nazis was, above all, the German people. People are smart, hard-working, strong-willed, brave, a nation of philosophers, musicians and inventors. What happened to him – wondered about this foreign contemporaries of the Third Reich. The answer would be too lengthy for a short article, but very briefly we can say this: people have lost a part of conscience. Not all of it, otherwise it would have collapsed the entire society and some seemed to have acquired “tunnel vision”, which is so easy not to notice unnecessary things.
The Germans did not notice the extermination of the Jews. It’s a fact – after the war many of them were shock pictures of death camps. How could you not notice the disappearance of their neighbors? Well, here they somehow learned how to do it. The Germans didn’t want to know anything about the brutal treatment of the population of the occupied territories – a Goebbels press never wrote about this, and to learn more was nowhere. Even the Germans in late 1944, still believed that they were under the leadership of Hitler can win the war. Yes that there, even in March-April of ‘ 45, someone else believed.
And then everything collapsed. And all this, as noted by Ulrich Heiden, already preferred not to remember. At all. A word. Is that some kind of günter grass wrote his books in splendid isolation. But in General, recent history has disappeared – she was locked in the closet, as the father’s Gestapo uniform with epaulets.
Let us turn our gaze to Ukraine. And we will see that there are already successful people born with such “tunnel vision”, “tunnel conscience”.
During the short two years the modern history of Ukraine had been so monstrous, impossible, shocking events that, seemingly, the entire identity of the nation was to build on the reflecting on them. But nothing like that.
For authoritarian Kazakhstan, the shock still bleeding, was the Zhanaozen massacre of workers. For “democratic” Ukraine Odessa tragedy became nothing – about it just prefer not to remember. If about it and make films, not Ukrainians, and Germans. On Ukrainian TV they will not show.
Deaf sneaky silence envelops the tragedy destroyed by Ukrainian artillery in the Donbas. Hundreds of homes, struck by missiles from the West. Not talking about it and not say anything but — “the Ukrainian army did not shell civilians”. And who then bombard them? And terrorists. Separatists fired at the bus station “Centre”, the trolleybus in Bosse, the Donbass arena, and dozens of other places within their own cities.
And this repulsive because of its extreme primitiveness lies in all seriousness tried to replicate with some shammami, arrows, photos, strange holes in the pavement, which is to prove the direction of arrival of the munition… This nonsense (“the separatists are shelling themselves”) remains the official point of view of the headquarters of the ATO. And Ukrainian society pretends to believe in it.
Indifference in all the Ukrainian media, now showing the wonders of self-censorship regarding the war crimes committed against civilians of Donbass on the Ukrainian side. Here and there pop up horrific stories of torture, kidnapping of hostages, looting and pressed – but never “free” Ukrainian media did not try to engage in this deliberately – with full-fledged journalistic investigations, witness interviews, military commentary and so on.
Oh, how many there have been investigations about corruption in the times of Yanukovych’s evil! Mustafa Nayem his nose to the ground digging. And now neither he nor his colleagues to such a “hot” topic of no interest do not show. Better another short article about Saakashvili struggle with Kolomoisky to write. Whatever happened to independent journalism in a new beautiful Ukraine where power belongs to the people and full of plurality? Obviously, where in the Third Reich – was left outside the “tunnel vision”.
Completely taboo a subject of right wing radicalism. Even with criticism of the authorities of the “Right sector”, scolded him for his actions, not for ideology. On Nazi the shelf “Azov”, made even the U.S. Congress, nobody in the media says a single bad word.
You see, in the modern Ukrainian society has developed a consensus – the consensus of ignoring of glaring facts. Starting with the assessment of the causes of Maidan and its feasibility, to questions about collective responsibility for war crimes. It’s ironic! Many countries got into this situation thanks to cynical politicians, but intellectuals always tried to save the situation, becoming indifferent “the conscience of the nation”.
Brecht, Erich Maria Remarque, Heinrich Mann, and many other honest Germans tried to resist this dastardly meanness of national consensus. In the European tradition of every dark period in the history of people still illuminated by the light of a few conscientious individuals.
And in Ukraine now it is not even close. The so-called intellectuals here have merged into a “Patriotic” ecstasy, demanding to forbid “every intellectual product from Russia”, not to demand at least some abstract humanism, some reflections concerning burnt “Colorada” and killed “quilted jackets”…
Again: the whole country lost conscience, memory, and empathy. A collective “conspiracy of silence” around the “uncomfortable topics”.
And what will happen next? Then in twenty years, thirty? Former fighters Arbatov will remain “heroes ATO”, and will tell the children about his exploits? Or will prefer to keep silence about them? The second will be only in case if Ukraine will suffer the fate of Germany – historically a fair punishment. Painful, but healing. And then, after a period of silence, there will come “a time to gather stones together” — a time of repentance, reflection, search and punishment of criminals. But you need to first topple this vile regime.
Grigory Ignatov

Translated by Yandex Translate