The FSB proposes to finalize the lawful fulfillment of the “Spring package”

Who will work on the wire users?

In accordance with the package of amendments Spring-Ozerova, from July 1, 2018, the Russian Telecom operators and Internet service providers will be required up to six months (the exact period would later be called the government) to store all traffic users and three years to store metadata.

Before the introduction of the new rules was still two years away, but companies have already begun to share a multibillion-dollar equipment market. On behalf of the President, the equipment must be of domestic production. For delivery of such equipment requires a special license. Register of licenses for implementation of activities on development, manufacture, sale and acquisition for the purpose of sale special technical means intended for secret information” is the FSB, but the list of licensees could not be obtained.

Now each operator buys equipment for SORM (system for operative investigative activities) have the “right” company, which he called in regional Department of the FSB. Any Internet service provider is required to purchase equipment within three months after receiving the license, otherwise he will not sign the papers for the surrender of the site when in operation.
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