The future of VR technologies in the industry

Photo by Maurizio Pesce CC

We “Audiomanii” try to share in your blog with the most interesting materials from the field of music and audio technology (and still doing digests). For example, in one of the recent posts , we understood, as are the music and physiology, and in the 32nd edition of the podcast “Sound” told of how the created sound environment for movies and TV series. Also one of the materials we dedicated home theater, where he tried to answer the question, how do they differ from their older counterparts.

Today we would like to continue the theme of the movie and discuss one of the latest immersive technologies, rapidly gaining popularity in various fields. This, as you may have guessed from the title, will be about virtual reality. What is VR technology, for what it is and does it have a future – we describe in this article.
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