The good news of communism (1)

Usually when we take some work, just as the miners extracted from the earth they need rocks, we searched and found discussed in the works of ideas. To transfer such an experience to Manifest is not possible because the gangue in it almost none. Because the only thing that remains is, when reading a document written almost 170 years ago, to compare the text with other and modern realities. I mean that we, the followers and the followers of those ideals, the struggle for which is the subject of the Manifesto, is to compare his worldview with the above in the Manifest.
Marx created alive and whole description of the reality surrounding him. Owing to the fact that the Manifesto was the fruit of the living experiences of historical reality, his ideas were the living development, and even the living embodiment in the form of the USSR. We have experienced the idea of this embodiment, as well as some disappointment from the first attempt to build a Communist society. And because it is important and necessary, missing words, spoken so long ago, and other historical realities, to see exactly the living principle that made the text of the Manifesto is important. Made not due to the fact that it said “Marx himself”. And due to the fact that in some way describes our lives and struggles. To what extent, with what caveats, with what degree of urgency – these are the questions that I set for myself when starting to read the Manifesto.

Marx fought for ideals, living in me. His struggle he described including in the Manifest. Me, after 170 years, striving for the same ideals simply humanly it is interesting to breathe the air of struggle of Marx. Not only as the founder of anything, but just a person and a fighter.
It’s hard for me to talk about Marx as a person. I do not know his biography, and even to this day, were not interested in Marx as a person. Serebryakov did not read the letters of Marx too. For me Marx existed only in conjunction with the concept of “Marxism”. And this concept were not so clearly positive content. In my years of monarchist and Slavophile views Marxism wore a clearly negative connotation. After I went to the opposite “white” camp, for me, the positivity of Marxism was problematisches defeat of the Soviet red project. Only reading cycle pack S.E. Kurginyan, Yes, listening to his speech dedicated to the marks on various measures of SV, I began to see in addition to Marxism and even Marx.
But again, all that was relegated to the periphery of my attention. I was the ideas themselves are more interesting than their author. But, reading the Manifesto, I could not shrug off the question – who wrote it. Yeah, started writing it Engels, Marx was only made edits. But is it possible to tear the Manifesto of Marx?
Whoever it was, the authors of the Manifesto created an emotionally charged text. This is the first response I can give to the Manifesto. The second characteristic is its historiosophical. To hear about only the question of programness and pragmatism Manifest to me very strange. Reading the Manifesto, I could clearly see a different picture.
There is a group of people, socially belonged to the class against whom she had dedicated all his strength. Marx, Engels, Lenin and other revolutionary thinkers, who fought for the rights of the oppressed classes themselves did not belong to them. This means that, in reflecting on the reality surrounding them, they are faced with something that they were forced to move into the camp opposite them usual, natural by birth and upbringing. Something, what they faced was so overwhelming and disgusting that the revolutionaries, no doubt, left the old world, and devoted his life to the struggle for another. Not as Bolkonsky, who acknowledged in a conversation with Bezukhov depression and backwardness of the Russian people. But immediately failed this nation the right to a different plane of being, precisely because of its backwardness. The authors and supporters of the Manifesto said to myself and to the world: “Let the oppressed people of the undeveloped. So, we are going to develop it! So how to counter this other disgusting Something – nothing”. It’s like the Carthage which must be destroyed, otherwise life is not life.
There are a lot of songs of the revolutionaries of the time when the Manifesto was distributed only in Europe. Here is one:

Knowing the history of Russia, of Europe, it is impossible not to admit that the sung words are not just words. It’s more than words! It’s fate! Many people’s lives, sacrificed themselves for something. Something the only thing they could oppose the fact devastating them Somethingthat described in the Manifest.
Hence this emotion seemingly dry text of the Manifesto. There is so much intransigence that last for twenty of the most revolutionary poems of the Soviet era.
And as they have seen Something. 1847 – a time of continuation of the French revolution, hurricane of consequences which has altered a lot in the old world. Over the Napoleonic wars. The participants were still alive. They remembered well the horrors of war and the enthusiasm that preceded them during the revolution. Her descendants, the ideological followers was waiting for the future that it will be spared from injustice. But after the revolutions and counter reactionary feudalism suddenly, it raised the banner of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity and so it was just words for the most part hungry for them. For oppressed people, whose living conditions have become worse. And for those who fought for justice as such. Moreover, to replace the previous class-the oppressor, crawled new.
If the previous classes of masters, have carried at least some, at least to some extent, but the public good by serving at least partly to interests larger than their own, the new class – the bourgeoisie – is only to myself. Or rather, profit, capital, animal, the person behind all of this. If in a previous era the oppressed and destitute person was at least a small crack where he could hide his pride from being a Person, in a new reality this is not the place at all. This is what so outraged the authors and supporters of the Manifesto. In the new reality for the majority of people becomes problematic to be just people.
And this conclusion is not based on some ecstatic reactions someone there for some there are individual cases of brutality of some representatives of a new class of gentlemen. No! This is all shown and displayed in a long time retrospective, for the entire historical period of Mankind.

(Continued tomorrow)

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