The good news of communism (2)

Recognition of the injustice of the world is not yet Manifest. About this property built by the people of the world wrote and spoke many thinkers. The Manifesto complements the historicity of injustice the most important discovery. For the first time the oppressed have opportunities and means to overcome the injustice of this world. It is a kind of social gospelwith which to turn the world Communist. And for its realization it is necessary to live and to die.
In short, the Manifest is a pivotal event in the history of the struggle of the oppressed against oppression and for their rights, primarily the right to be Human. But other than that its authors gave a great portrait of that vile Somethingbehind the Modern project. The beast, which is so artfully disguised bourgeois literature, bourgeois morality and defended bourgeois legality. The beast, which will devour everything in its path. And national identity, seeking to build a unified market. And after him and the same for all consumer pseudo-culture. The beast that is not capable of solving the challenges facing humanity, because for the most part he produces. And those that are of a different nature, it only evaluates from the perspective of benefits or disadvantages for themselves. Beast trivialize sacred family relationships assessment of their profitability. Forcing children to see a source of income, and love a Vice. The beast, forcing the sacred religious feelings to serve him, and throws religion away when it can’t meet this requirement. The beast subdue the man and completely destroying the Person.

We all see it now on the example of the West. The words spoken 170 years ago, is striking in its prophetic power and urgency. The relevance of the Manifesto is not that he “guaranteed” the victory of the proletariat over the bourgeoisie, as predicting old-fashioned Marxists. This is now where the proletariat? Where is his movement? Marx again described and predicted how the class masters will deal with the disestablishment of communism, the revolutionary spirit. Predicted partly that such emasculation will generate worst enemy – fascism. But this is not relevant. The actuality is that its essence, like the essence of what can be called Marxism – fight with the beast. The struggle in those conditions and the forces that correspond to historical reality.
Now the other realities in which to search for is literally described in the Manifesto is silly. The world has changed twice in the last century. In 1917, when the good news of the Manifesto found its incarnation in Soviet Russia. In 1991, when the Soviet Union was betrayed, as the world rejected this news about the victory over the beast. But the struggle and its irrevocability – all the same. And most important, it makes Manifest is relevant today.
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