The humiliation of Russia capitulated to the IOC

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The country is experiencing the last act of a painful drama: its team of athletes — the great men and the everyday heroes on the way to the Olympics being driven under the yoke.

Allowing, in a number of conditions, Russia’s participation in the Games, the IOC took the worst for us the verdict. According to him, our team loses sovereignty: a decision on the admission of Russian athletes at the mercy of international federations and foreign anti-doping agencies. The team loses people — in its composition will not, as a minimum, athletes who won a third gold of London 2012, as well as those who honestly served his doping suspension. The team loses its prestige — at the opening of the Games it’s going to meet the hooting crowd.
Zhukov agreed on behalf of Russia to any cooperation, Mutko prostrate himself before the “objective” decision of the IOC — so sign the capitulation of the vanquished. Defeated sorrow.

Russia is suffering
Over the team mocked slowly, savoring the torture, sophisticated in inflicting pain — so that Russia has experienced all new humiliation, but she could not really answer. The media did not hesitate: if this case will fit the principle of collective responsibility, which in civilized countries, scaring the children, then why not try it out on a meek Russian?
All was clear: there is a political trial, a ridiculous farce like a judge “arsonists of the Reichstag” — but they “arsonists” in the end took the blame. Not individual athletes, not team and not officials from the sport, and, in fact, the whole country was specified in the fraud, corruption, and theft of “state doping program” while her compromise did not confirm this accusation. The argument of the opponents looked pathetic and at the same time killer: their extravagant heresy about “scratches under the microscope” and “salty urine” shot with the sporting and political circles of Russia real accusations of doping but gave birth to a new, more terrible accusations. This last is called the “cowardly, despicable humility, which endured humiliation Russian authorities.
All this time, Russia is suffering not responding. Delivery from us was not followed. Counterplay is not visible. Leverage in some crummy, God forgive me, sports are seen. And do we have the right “Caliber” for such “soft” areas? Just a routine expression of concern and complaints in the sports lottery. Oh, and was hired by English lawyers.
Missed Mariupol
To-ping. Bo-ing. Similar words. And the situations are so different, at first glance, too similar.
First, the level of charges from the holders of shares anti-Russian hysteria: though WADA and the IOC, though the Dutch and the investigation group Bellingcat. “We have supertweeter and magexpert, but… we decided not to. Take our word for it: Russia is guilty, period!” — that is the quintessence of both “sentences”. Secondly, herbivore reaction of the Russian authorities that are either still making excuses, what we do with it, whether with a sense of pardon: a devil, they say, misled.
And in both cases loomed alternative. Not at the moment, of course, when the charges had already been put forward, as before. To send troops to Ukraine after shot down “Boeing” was, in General, it’s late, but in may 2014 — not yet. Later and now, after all decisions of the Olympic mafia, to declare a boycott of the Games in Rio: we would not welcome.
And yet I want to ask those who for the last six months, making a scary face, opposed to our boycott of the Olympics, as they, interestingly, in 2014, about the deployment of troops said? Similarly, I suppose, booed: “Yeah, you’re crazy! The West is just waiting!”? And eyebrows were charily, I guess. And required not to succumb to provocations, “Why give the West a trump card?!”
Well, two years ago, we did not succumb. The trump card in his left. Well, as much help? All the dogs at us and hung up — single “Boing” is worth.
The counsel of the wicked
Now, after decimation and yoke, our team goes to Rio — not crushed, so ogloszenia, psychologically tired of this hassle. What awaits her there?
What would be the refereeing? Why should the referees to judge our athletes differently than did the Supreme court of arbitration for sport, with its “collective responsibility” and the blind faith in the words of defectors? Why do judges generally observe some decency in relation to the Russian, if in the salt lake city 2002 it took the second Olympic gold for the canadian figure skaters?
And the new doping tests — they aren’t the same thing WADA will be our take? And all sorts of demarches from harassment by anti-clack to criminal bases against our athletes and fans?
And most importantly — how can we be determined. We are self-sufficient and rise from his knees — and therefore in a coffin seen all sorts of freaks, we are spitting in the soup? Or we beg humbly to have pity on us and started to dance in the manor house? Surely all the same second?
The sport was created for joy, and perfect people. Of victory, athletes raise the spirit of the nation and give the viewer a moment of magic, when the athlete in front of millions makes it impossible, is superior to the opponent, the cruel reality, himself. So, ideally,. But if we realize that no special victories is not expected that we will have a new humiliation — and not sports properties — why do you get to play with gamblers and to dress up for the Lord?
…In this whole shameful history there is only one obvious plus. It can be assumed that once the enemy “reached out” already up to Olympic mice, other levers against Russia sanctions, NATO, Islamists, the price of oil — were ineffective.
Is it really so? The autumn show.

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