The Inevitability Of The Return

Original taken from andreyvadjra in the inevitability of the Return

There are things from which we are completely dependent, but which is entirely dependent on us. Before 2014, Russia was not even thinking about solving the “Ukrainian question”, merely trying to stabilize relations with “brotherly” Ukraine in a mutually beneficial position. However, this desire is not, in principle, could be implemented. The ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, permeated all the pores of the Ukrainian society and the state posits an independent Ukraine only as “Antirossiyu.” The whole point of the existence of the project “Ukraina”.

Moreover, the gradual de-Russification of the Ukrainian territory (which reached its apogee in the last years) methodically broke into the territory of any managerial, social and economic structures, spinning flywheel total anarchy. History shows that as soon as Ukraine fell out of the Russian/the Russian state, it always turned into a space of Brownian motion, which is nowhere randomly jumped bellied “kozachenki” with tails on their heads, and over the horizon rose the smoke from the fires.

Therefore, it does not matter, Russia wants to solve the “Ukrainian question” or doesn’t want. It will do it regardless of his wishes. Ukraine is not something that can co-exist, cut off by a fence. “Kozachenki” with tails on their heads and plastids in backpacks will occasionally jump over the fence Russophobic centrifuge, because all the meanings “Antirossii” focused on Russia. Moreover, these meanings, purely negative. And other senses it does not. For “svidomo” it is important that Ukraine burns with a blue flame, for them the main thing is that this fire burned Russia. In fact, Ukraine is a Russian wood for the fire. For this she once cut off from the Russian tree, turning into a flammable fuel.

Therefore, Russia in any case will have to return to Ukrainian territory. No matter how it was difficult and unpleasant. It is not only a question of expediency, but a question of security.

Well, cooking the cry that “we don’t need Ukraine,” that “we are not going to feed Ukrainians” sounds just like the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus!”

Remember who invented it, and who is promoted to the masses? It’s not a secret. Music and lyrics by American, the performers are hard-core liberals of all stripes. Their logic: “we hate the Caucasus, the Caucasus wants a lot of money, let’s leave him alone, cut off from it by a high wall”.

Now imagine what a cesspool, what would now be the Caucasus for Russia, if the situation there remained as it was during the reign of the liberal eltsinoidov. That there was if Russia would never go back, not put things in order there?

And now I have a question: someone wants Ukraine named Dzhokhar Dudayev and Shamil Basayev led numerous psychophysiologic gangs in tanks and armored vehicles? That want to wet their hotelok Russian liberoidy it’s understandable. For them, the worse, the better. But who else wants it?

And the prospect of the Russian borders NATO military bases with rocket launchers aimed at the European part of Russia, you do not mind? Or in the kitchen about that it was not?

But the colossal human, material, natural and geographical potential of Ukraine, which is able to unfold only within the framework of the Russian state? It is necessary to take and stupid to quit? Can then still to abandon the Kuban region, southern Siberia or the Far East? There after the 1917 revolution also suffered from so-called “Ukrainian wedges”, but the truth, was not framed by the Bolsheviks in the fake Republic on the territory of the South-Western edge.

Once again, does not matter, Russia wants to solve the “Ukrainian question” or doesn’t want. It will do it regardless of his wishes. Due to objective factors and feasibility. Russia cannot leave Ukraine in the lurch, not because “it’s a pity the Ukrainians” (although I personally feel sorry for them), but because it is not expedient and not profitable, because it is contrary to Russian interests.

The main question is not “should?” or “is not necessary?” to solve the “Ukrainian question”. In fact, it does not matter. The main question is “how” to solve it?

Until 2014 to resolve the “Ukrainian issue” was politically ingenious, with the support of special operations “bloody gebni”, and now these techniques have been simplified to clear, straight lines tank column. In other words, if before the assholes could re-vote, now they can only shoot. (This sounds, of course, inhumane and unpleasant. So let’s assume that I didn’t say that.)

The state “Ukraine” it is not. What value can have fake? The ruling Ukrainian elite it too. With the “trolls” relationships do not build and talk don’t talk, they just “ban”. Now it is only the Ukrainian territory and the Ukrainian population. The only thing that remained for twenty-five years from the former USSR. And that’s the problem.

Area – killed. The population is angry, hungry and unaccustomed to some order. And yet – the gang, which is the only organized social system of the so-called “Ukrainian society”. In one word – Wild West without sheriffs and Federal cavalry. More precisely – a Wild Field with a total area of 600 000 square kilometers.

When the disease is not treated in time, it from mild turns to heavy, chronic. The disease is not treated more than twenty years. So now we have not only inflammation, but also zagnoenie giant organism.

In nature, decay is decomposition of protein/amino acids under the action of decomposing microorganisms with the formation of putrid poisons. In other words, decomposition is the process of samopoznanie of the body.

Ukraine is currently in the phase of samopoznaniewhen it is activated Maidan and war the destructive energy finds no way out and goes inside. The process of social samopoznanie can be, if not endless, is very long, but it is not a solution to the “Ukrainian issue”. It is rather an inevitable stage of the destruction leading to some kind of decision. Phase samopoznanie preparing the population (financially and psychologically) to a positive perception of changes in the socio-political and economic system as a deliverance from the chaos, the ruins and the mental and physical suffering. As history shows, the final stage of social samopoznanie individuals ready for anything, just to change the status quo.

To return Ukraine to Russia it is at this final stage of the Ukrainian samopoznanie whether she likes it or not. These things will happen purely due to objective reasons. And without loud statements and official resignations. Humdrum. Business-like. In the framework of the details thought-out business plan of the parties, when plunged into chaos and destruction of Ukrainian territory Russia will be looking forward to the majority of the population.

No one can except Russia Ukrainian to fill the vacuum is rapidly produced as a result of the Ukrainian samopoznanie, and no one but she will not be able postukrainskogo people to offer salvation.

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