The loss of reality

The demolition of the monument of gratitude and brotherhood of the Soviet Army and the Polish army in Warsaw. 2014
In a previous article drew attention to political literacy, as essential to the identification of threats in information, hybrid warfare and provide them with counter. To understand and assess the situation person uses a conceptual framework, conceptual thinking. What is it and what problems exist today, says in an interview with the head of the laboratory of social psychology St. Petersburg state University, head of the “Diagnostics and development of abilities” Lyudmila Yasukawa.

The article is called “the Gap between stupid and smart is growing”. In an interview Lyudmila Yasukawa told about results of monitoring of the intellectual development of pupils and students.
– You are monitoring the intellectual development of pupils and students, and determine intellectual development on the basis of development of conceptual thinking. What is conceptual thinking?
– The origins of this concept can be found in the works of the outstanding Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky. Summarizing, conceptual thinking can be defined through three important points. The first is the ability to highlight the essence of the phenomenon, the object. The second is the ability to see cause and to predict the consequences. Third – the ability to organize information and build a coherent picture of the situation.

Those who possess conceptual reasoning to adequately understand the real situation and make the right conclusions, and those who do not possess… They are also unsure of his vision of the situation, but it’s their illusion, which breaks about real life. Their plans are not realized, the forecasts do not come true, but they believe that the blame surrounding people and circumstances, not their incorrect understanding of the situation.
The degree of development of conceptual thinking can be determined by means of psychological tests. Here is an example of testing children six to seven years, which is not always cope, and adults. Bird, pigeon, bird, Sparrow, duck. What is superfluous? Unfortunately, many say that duck. I had recently parents of one child, hot, proved that a duck is the right answer. Dad is a lawyer, mother is a teacher. I tell them: “Why a duck?” And they answer, because it is large, and the bird, the bird is, in their opinion, something small. But what about the ostrich, a penguin? And after all, they have in mind is enshrined the image of a bird as something small, and they believe their way is universal.
“What percent of our compatriots is able to highlight the essence and to see the causal connection?
– According to my information, and according to other researchers, fewer than 20% of people are full of conceptual thinking. Those who studied the natural and technical Sciences, learned the allocation of essential features, characterizing and establishing causal relationships. They are, however, among decision-makers about the development of society is not enough. Among the political consultants we have psychologists, philosophers, failed teachers – people who have the conceptual thinking is not very good, but who know how to speak cleverly and wrap their ideas in a nice wrapper.
Is the Russian statistics. And how is the situation in the world?
– If you take the developed countries is approximately the same. Can refer to the studies of Leo Vekker, who worked in the Soviet Union and the United States, Europe, and Russia. His 1998 study shows that more than 70% of adults, psychologists, with whom he collaborated in the study of the thinking of children, and they think like children generalize from the particular to the particular, and not on substantial grounds, I do not see a causal connection…
Perhaps there is some difference between countries, and it can be assumed that the trends of increasing-decreasing percentage of people with the conceptual thinking is different in different countries, but such detailed cross-cultural research, no leads. Or, at least, no such data in the open press.
For life to form conceptual thinking impossible, it is acquired only in the course of studying science, since science is built on the conceptual principle: the basic concepts on which is built the pyramid of science. This conceptual pyramid. And if we come out of school without conceptual thinking, then, when faced with a particular fact, we will not be able to objectively interpret, and act under the influence of emotions and our subjective perceptions. In the result of the decisions taken on the basis of such pre-interpretation of what is happening, is impossible to implement. And we see it in our lives. The higher in the social hierarchy a person is, the more expensive the price it biased interpretations and decisions. Let’s see how much we have taken programs that does not end there. Passed a year or two and where the program, where the man who declared? Go ahead and look.

The full interview
Interview with Ludmilla Yazykovoi not lost its relevance, although he was already two and a half years. I do not see, it is not excluded that just don’t know, that was launched a powerful national program that contributed to the intellectual development of not only students, but also the whole society. In our country, the year 2015 was declared the year of literature, but I haven’t seen people read, holding the book. Smartphones with social networks – it is. The article gives terrible statistics – 80% of compatriots conceptual thinking is absent. In other words they are not able to identify the essence of the phenomenon, can’t see the reason of occurrence and to predict the consequences, as well as are unable to organize information and build a coherent picture of the situation. That is, they live in a fake world that is not reality. Tell me in what case is this possible?
Madhouse the size of a country. Someone at the state level, says, sounded the alarm? No. Maybe the officials are also included in these 80% live in a “brave new” world? Dance “Kalinka” and disregard the opinion of the people. And not because I don’t want to respond, because it don’t exist for them. So you want to Europe, at least in parts. For that on such a trick as the installation of a memorial plaque in honor of ally of Hitler, commander in chief of the Finnish army, Carl Mannerheim.

Opening of a memorial plaque to Mannerheim in St.-Petersburg. 2016. On a photo Sergey Ivanov – head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinsky – Minister of culture of the Russian Federation

Date of entry: 18 June 2016.

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