The pride of the Bundeswehr “sprang a leak”

Fighting vehicle Puma — the pride of German military equipment. A year ago, the Bundeswehr officially handed the keys to the vehicle, which, according to the manufacturer, is the “most powerful and modern infantry fighting vehicle in the world” (and the most expensive – approx judgesuhov).
However, various details have yet to function as it should, the Ministry of defence a few months ago indicated a significant project flaws — but in principle, all agree that Puma, if she ever cope with everything she has to cope with, is an excellent armored car. However, he has another — simple — problem: it is not entirely waterproof.

We are talking about the door of the tower, rather on the “Luke for two in the rear fighting compartment” — so describes the Ministry of defence. It is not airtight: if there is heavy rain, water penetrates inside. You are not close to the armored car with high-pressure cleaner. To the Ministry it has been known for a long time. The Ministry of Ursula von der Leyen (Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) say that the defect is noticed in the second quarter of 2015 in the course of operation” — and “an isolated case”, associated with a leaking hatch, was discovered in 2013.
Since September, the defect needs to be fixed
The defense concern Rheinmetall, which creates a Puma together with the company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, describes the case: “In real conditions revealed that the waterproofing in the hatch of the turret of the combat vehicle Puma in need of correction. But how could such a thing happen with this example of German engineering art, which passed the same test at -20 degrees and +20? “As for the Puma, as in any new road system, new information that may contribute to the optimization of object, always “added” to the process of serial production”, — noted in Rheinmetall. To date, “the defect is identified and corrected”.
The manufacturers have really designed a new waterproofing, which in the spring is partly embedded in the new Puma armored cars. Since September, they say in Rheinmetall, “all new cars of serial production will be equipped with optimized devices.” According to the Ministry of defense, currently the army has a total of 78 new combat vehicles. According to the official representative, since the 64-second car of serial production, a new embedded device waterproofing. A faulty device? They say that they will be replaced gradually by the manufacturer when the Puma armored cars will receive maintenance. However, it will take some time.

“A relatively small effect on readiness”
Accordingly, the dissatisfaction expressed by the Commissioner for defense policy from the party SPD, Klingbeil Lars (Lars Klingbeil). He asks, “why it takes a relatively long time to resolve a relatively simple problem.” In addition, he noted that he learned about the problem from sources in the army. According to Klingbeil is it surprising, in the end, von der Leyen promised to us, the MPs, the maximum transparency”, but in recent defense Department report a defect not mentioned.
Why not? Due to the relatively small impact on the combat readiness” — said in the document of the Ministry. Translated this apparently means the following: since we are talking about a minor problem. There is only the question: will the rank and file infantry to think the same way when the autumn rains begin?

Original publication: “Stolz der Bundeswehr hat ein Leck”
And now a question from Sukhov.
The hell with them with the rain!
Whether ordinary infantry to think the same… the threat of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and there will be enough staff HLF (filtering setting) power “plug” this hole, to ensure air tightness of the car?
Very relaxed NATO partners…
Preparing for war with Russia and forget about such “trifles” as a defense against weapons of mass destruction. It’s especially juicy if to remember that Russia has an overwhelming advantage in tactical nuclear weapons.
Or to fight seriously they are not ready, and so on Pont take?
It is dangerous to count on it, because the USA is ready to war with Russia, not only to the last Ukrania (and pole), but to the last German.
So the bottom of the rear hatch his Puma glossed over quickly, fellow Germans.

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